25 Jul. 2016 556 comment 

Поднимая знамя Грюнвальда

Историческое наследие народа - неделимая материя, путешествующая сквозь века благодаря усердию настоящих патриотов. Грюнвальдская битва - знаменательное событие в жизни белорусских, литовских и польских жителей. Именно 606-ой годовщине этой эпохальный даты посвящался Наш… Read more ⇨
16 Jul. 2016 280 comment 

Equator of Hell Metal Party

Казалось бы, что может быть мощнее недавней бури, разрушающей всё на своем пути, срывающей деревья и рекламные щиты в мгновение ока? 15 июля в белорусском метал мире произошло грандиозное событие, сорвавшее "крыши" не хуже природного катаклизма. Read more ⇨
12 Jul. 2016 1602 comment 

Организатор Купальского Кола Алесь Таболич: Александр Рак пытался присвоить мой фестиваль себе

25-26 июня на новой площадке в Комарово прошел ежегодный open-air Купальскае Кола. Спустя год после раскола в стане организаторов Алесь Таболич впервые публично говорит о его причинах, подводит итоги нынешнего мероприятия и делится планами на будущее. Read more ⇨
12 Jul. 2016 572 comment 

Mortuorial Eclipse Interview

Soon Mortuorial Eclipse will gladden black metal fans and visit our country within their first European tour. While you decide which of their shows to visit: in Minsk or Rechitza, MH asked the band some questions concerning not only music. Read more ⇨
06 Jul. 2016 145 comment 

Hatevomit - "Necrovomit" [EP] (2015)

Данный 6-песенный ЕР, выпущенный турецким лейблом Undeground Resistance, записан базирующимся в Истамбуле трио Hatevomit, состав которого считается интернациональным, так как двое участников - турки, а один - мексиканец. Read more ⇨
01 Jul. 2016 300 comment 

Уникальное симфо-рок шоу CherMen "История Дракона"

В Prime Hall прошло уникальное для нашей страны шоу CherMen "История Дракона", за время которого зрители смогли погрузиться в фантастический мир светлого металла. Read more ⇨
27 Jun. 2016 1261 comment 

Kupalskaye Kola 2016 [Midsummer Circle]. Day II

Big photo report of the second day of Kupalskaye Kola Festival from graceful Nat Nazgul Read more ⇨
26 Jun. 2016 1763 comment 

Kupalskaye Kola 2016 [Midsummer Circle]. Day I

The first day of Kupalskaye Kola was remarkable for incredible hot weather and powerful set of the headliners Gods Tower. Read more ⇨
Jun 26, 2016 430


While all forecasts promised orange danger level and grey asphalt melted in the sun, sultry summer evening LEARN AND BURN METAL PARTY has been held in the club "ILI". Read more ⇨
Jun 25, 2016 247

Sunrise - Absolute Clarity (2016)

Review of Kirill Martinovich of the third full-format album of the Kiev band Sunrise called Absolute Clarity. Read more ⇨
Jun 24, 2016 365

Metal preacher. A wild burst of Orthodox…

Over the past few months we've got a lot of interesting news: from the preparation to denomination to the start of European football championship. Somewhere between them settled cancelled performances of Belphegor, Incantation, Devourment and… Read more ⇨
Jun 21, 2016 602

Summer collaboration: Svyata Sontza [Fest of Sun]…

Festival Svyata Sontza which appeared as an alternative to Kupalskaje Kola [Kupalje Wheel] has taken place last weekend. Familiar Dudutki located 50 kilometers away from the capital became the place for the fest. Unlike the above mentioned Kola this… Read more ⇨
Jun 17, 2016 215

Khaos Labyrinth - Kaos Kvlt | Path to Nihil (2016)

If one converts the opus produced by the Moscow band Khaos Labyrinth into a piece of literature, one can definitely say that the result would be a weighty grim novel with a good storyline and not disappointing ending. Read more ⇨
Jun 14, 2016 399

Review of new releases of May 2016

May 2016 turned out to be rich for metal releases of different subgenres. But still the latest album of classic thrashers Death Angel eclipsed all of them. But let us not to go too fast. Read more ⇨
Jun 14, 2016 799

Bullet For My Valentine in Minsk: groovy but…

British band Bullet For My Valentine visits our country seldom but on big occasions. Last time three years ago musicians arrived in Minsk as headliners on the festival MOST and now they decided to visit our capital once again but with the solo show… Read more ⇨
Jun 11, 2016 1503

Belarus Tattoo Fest - 2016

A vast photo report from the first day of Belarus Tattoo Fest 2016. Read more ⇨
Jun 07, 2016 1833

Ales Tabolich: Nokturnal Mortum are worried about…

Before the festival Kupalskaje Kola 2016 [Купальскае Кола 2016] a press conference devoted to the occasion took place in the bar Beer & Wine. The organizers with the Ales Tabolich answered journalists' questions. Read more ⇨
Jun 06, 2016 1355

New video project about black metal in Belarus

Without announcing it loud we present the next video project. It doesn't claim to be named a real movie. It's more likely an amalgam of opinions about one particular genre of the extreme music. The one being whether severly hated and blamed being… Read more ⇨
Jun 06, 2016 558

Interview with Coen Janssen: everybody gets from…

Many of us got used to interviews with the leaders of the band, thus forgetting that it’s the team work with unique contribution of each participant that results in the music we adore. And of course each musician has things to tell. So right before… Read more ⇨
Jun 05, 2016 952

Storm in Re:Public: the second show of Epica in…

What can one wait from the titans of Dutch metal scene? Right, absolutely everything. For 13-years' history Epica has never disappointed its fans. It's among those not numerous bands that release a new album and you have no fear to push the play… Read more ⇨
Jun 04, 2016 582

Summer Friday Metal Party

June 3 in Minsk club "ILI" [ИЛИ], which has become the successor of the legendary "Saltaim" [Салтайм] a small but warm show called Summer Friday Metal Party took place. And everything was great - the club's location, appropriate after-working time,… Read more ⇨
Jun 02, 2016 588

Interview with the drummer of Arkona Andrej…

The current interview is dedicated to Andrej Ischenko - the member of such famous bands as Arkona [Аркона], Rossomahaar, Hieronymus Bosch, etc. Read more ⇨

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