Medico Peste was a kind of a dark horse even back at VOX DIABOLI II. And the lack of information about the band on the internet couldn't but inspire our crew to go searching for light spots on this dark horse. We're excited to share the result with you. Read more...
Remember, remember the 27th of … October – the day when the official release of the 3rd studio album ‘Urn’ of an unforgettable (not just because of the name) band Ne Obliviscaris takes place. No doubt it’s highly anticipated by everyone who is searching for an unconventional sound together with out-of-the-box approach. And take my word, they’re so dynamic that while listening to an album it may even seem from time to… Read more...
Иногда задумываешься, что было бы дико интересно побеседовать в формате интервью с той или иной группой. Но сталкиваешься с проблемкой - группа-то давно не активна творчески. Однако Вселенная порой ломает все правила и дает тебе шанс. Никогда не предполагала, что мне удастся пообщаться с группой KRUK. В той же мере, как и не предполагала, что музыканты когда-либо еще решат вернуться на сцену. Итак, представляем твоему вниманию интервью с легендой Black Metal Беларуси… Read more...
Let's be honest, how often do you rush to the very start of the show in order to listen to a warming up band play? Pretty often you don't even know who it's supposed to be before the show and rarely think of it after. But the recent loud show has definitely changed the attitude. The support of Children of Bodom showed themselves at their best and impressed the audience with a stunning performance.… Read more...
Yes, we've all been waiting for this to happen for a long time. Winter is coming, and meanwhile the correspondent of talked to the leader of Rotting Christ - Sakis Tolis, in order to get some interesting first-hand info especially for you. So let's start without a long foreword. Read more...
  • Tuesday, 29 August 2017 14:14
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"Can you hear me, Bono?" or 36 days to work for U2

How many of you wanted to give everything up and chase a dream? May sound like a cliche, unless it comes to a particular story when one actually does. So what about giving up your current job to work for one of the greatest bands in the world like U2? And what would you say to the fact it still wasn’t the ultimate goal? The musician from Uruguay Federico Revello shares his… Read more...
На предстоящем гиге AUGUST MENTAL ASSAULT, который пройдёт 7 августа в Doodah King, помимо прочих коллективов можно будет услышать сет молодой Black\Death-команды Dwellstorm Borned. О том, кто они, откуда взялись и что хотят принести в мир - в интервью корреспондента MetalHeads.By с основателем группы Александром. Read more...
Had a heartful talk with Christos before the show of Septicflesh in Minsk 11.06.2017. The link to the video interview follows after the text one. Read more...
Depeche Mode is the band that needs no introduction. Many stunning lines have been created throughout the long history of the band and even more were dedicated to them. The correspondent of dived into “folk art” and talked to Kevin May - British journalist and author of “Halo” book, which is the biography of DM according to Kevin “during what most consider to be the most creative and important period in… Read more...
Такое случается: столкнувшись с бронированной дверью нежелания идти на контакт, делаешь выводы и больше в эту дверь не звонишь. Но жизнь и обстоятельства не перестают тебя удивлять, однажды открыв ее. Такое случается. Black metal коллектив Pestilentia - ярчайший пример подобных историй. Отгородившаяся от метал сцены Беларуси, живущая в своем мире, игнорирующая хоть какой-то намек на промоушн и подобные вещи, группа внезапно поступилась своими принципами и в преддверии одного из самых ожидаемых концертов… Read more...


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