Many of us got used to interviews with the leaders of the band, thus forgetting that it’s the team work with unique contribution of each participant that results in the music we adore. And of course each musician has things to tell. So right before the recent show in Minsk Epica’s keyboard player and a sweet guy Coen Janssen agreed to give an interview to MH. Enjoy! Read more...
The current interview is dedicated to Andrej Ischenko - the member of such famous bands as Arkona [Аркона], Rossomahaar, Hieronymus Bosch, etc. Read more...
  • Friday, 20 May 2016 16:05
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Exegutor soon releases new mini-album

Partisans from managed to enter into the sanctum sanctorum and got some comments from those directly involved into the work on the mini-album of  Exegutor. Read more...
What is a full-fledged healthy sleep, album with Anselmo, how hard is it to compose a new material? Literally before the release of the album the correspondent of managed to talk to NewLevel.  Read more...
Summer time is coming slowly and gracefully, and along with it - the  main old Belarusian national holiday - Kupalje [Midsummer] - dedicated to the sun and flourishing land. There are many wonderful legends related to Kupalje. People believed that this night rivers illuminated  special ghostly light and in their waters bathe the  souls of the dead in the guise of mermaids. Witches, sorcerers and spirits come down to Earth and try… Read more...
  • Tuesday, 12 April 2016 21:21
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Interview with Bradi Cerebri Ectomia

Just before March Brutality Metal Session where played excited Vein of Hate, Imprudence and Evthanazia, correspondent managed to chat with the headliners of the event - Gomel goregrind-band Bradi Cerebri Ectomia. Read more...
Interview with IvoryGod band - musicians playing for restricted scope of people, but still they find their listeners.Zhenya [Женя]: drums Sam [Сэм]: voice Read more...
The fathers of the genre of regressive-metal the Nakka band have already visited Minsk a year ago during their world tour that embraced one city. Now they decided to make one more attempt organizing such a global tour and visit our capital. We offer you the preconcert interview of the band for the portal Read more...
Recently stoner metalists from Brest called Hippie Doom Squad released a split together with their colleagues from dOwnhill. It was a good occasion to discuss the current situation around stoner-metal in our country. The vocalist and spiritual leader of the band Hippie Doom Squad Kiril Olegovich [Кирилл Олегович] and the guitar player Evgeniy Lebovsky [Евгений Лебовски] joined the discussion. Read more...
  • Sunday, 21 February 2016 01:40
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Interview with Merrimack 13.02.2016

Finally the long-awaited interview with MERRIMACK from Vox Diaboli Festival is ready. So get your popcorn, settle down and push the 'play' button! Read more...


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