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Backstage with Wake Up! Agency: interview with Ivan Vasiljevich

The favourite band’s show is always an exciting and expected event and people know who should be asked in order to make it real. Here the magic word ‘organizer’ can be heard.  The representative of the Wake Up! Agency Ivan Vasiljevich provided our portal with the unique opportunity to look at the event with the organizers’ eyes and we in our turn invite all of you to join us. As theatre begins… Read more...
Texas Gravity Band – is the band formed on the basis of the more successful and famous one from Bobruysk called Straight Land with Dmitriy Mitrifanov on bass. He with the mastermind and leader of the band Sergey Glebov met the correspondent. MH: SG: Sergey Glebov (Сергей Глебов) DM: Dmitriy Mitrofanov (Дмитрий Митрофaнов) МН: Tell us about the life of the project Texas Gravity Band... is it still alive? Or… Read more...
We greet the cult grind-core sloggers from Bryansk! Tell us what are busy with at present and which news from SORDID CLOT can be heard?Hello. At present we are working with a new material that sooner or later will be released. All the progressive mankind compressed their 60 sphincters looking forward to this occasion.Your first visit to the hero city Minsk was in 2007. And that was sheer craziness and drive! What… Read more...
In order to summarize the passing year the reporter of decided instead of interviewing the competent musical society to meet the person who is considered to be one of the fathers of Belarusian metal movement. The leader of Znich - Ales Tabolich (Алесь Таболич) is equally unique and controversial. That can be proved by his rich musical career. There were many reasons to meet: new video clip, coming album, participation in… Read more...
As it turned out one should always keep one’ eyes open. While our team collectively took its time thinking over the questions for the interview with the main intrigue of the Kalyadny Fest 2015 – TrollWald band, some of our few colleagues from the friendly portals passed ahead of and met this band a bit earlier having asked practically all the questions prepared. But there was no way to retreat (and… Read more...
Two days from now the presentation of the debut album 'Blind Shadows' of the Minsk band called Beyond the Darkness will be held. In honour of that occasion the reporter of made a small interview with the band’s frontman Michael Stefanovich. How much money and energy does one need to record an album in Belarus?Taking into account that we’ve recorded it twice, it turned into about two years.   Twice?Yes. At… Read more...
Participants:CuntfanVile Sexton What are the reasons for Anal Grind’s moving to Moscow? What prospects does the band have in this city?Vile: One Belarusian celebrity had been outraged by the fact that our band has the same initials as he does.Sexton: In order to give this person peace of mind we’ve got the f**k out (left – author annotation) of Belarus to earn as much as this person does.:)Cuntfan: What concerns the prospects in Moscow:… Read more...
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Interview with Exist M

Two and a half years have passed since the release of your full-format album ‘Redefining’. How do you feel about it now? Are you satisfied with the result as musicians?Alexey: Frankly speaking we are sick of some of the album’s tracks and we stopped playing them live. But at least half of 'Redefining' is still performed by us with pleasure. Sometimes we even wonder how long ago this material has been composed… Read more...
Few people know that on November 7th the black metal band from the Netherlands called Infinity played a gig in Plyatsouka club in Minsk. We’ve managed to sneak into the quiet dark corner of the club and drag the band there too in order to talk about this and that. By the way the musicians made absolutely no resistance and easily agreed to their first video-interview. So here is a bit of… Read more...
The Mystery of the Black Ritual takes place November 1 in Jack Club. All the participants (Raven Throne (Belarus), White Death (Finland), Rienaus (Finland), Thou Shell Of Death (Estonia), Psychonaut 4 (Georgia) have at least 1 split-record behind. The crew in its turn decided to organize a kind of split-interview with all the bands that are guarantee hell at the beginning of November. We decided to show off and invented questions… Read more...


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