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'The world nowadays is full of shit, but what really matters is the power of each individual', well, this blue-haired lady with a fragile look doesn't lack power for sure. That's why dozens of arms rose up in the air with quite a frequency, so that hands-receivers could catch the light radiated by Alissa and accumulate her power in order to give back three times more.

It happens, you rush to the show of (one of) the favourite band(s) after work/classes/very important stuff to do; wrapping yourself into the wet of the rain scarf and grey routine, with a solid knowledge that the band will rock great, and don't wait for extra. Unless you have been more curious than the author of this report and listened to the warming up band beforehand.

Jinjer! The band has definitely been a big discovery for many. After a couple of songs the guys could safely put their flag as a sign of having conquered this place. They didn't just warm up the dance floor, but fired up like hell. People partied hard and shouted out loud the band's name using every opportunity, especially the slowdowns, which they from time to time confused with the ending of a song. After the fiery setlist of the Ukrainians there was a rustle across Re:public: 'Who are they? Where are they from? I think there's a new band in my playlist.' In mine as well.

It's hard to describe what it was like; saying that the band was in the vein of the headliners would be just scratching the surface. Breathtaking fusion of heavy riffs abundantly flavoured with the same weighty blastbeats, modern sound touch, blues notes and lyrical sunset. Yes, one might think that the genre itself sets some definite limits on the emotional spectrum, but no. And it was possible due to the gracious shift from growling to the same splendid and vivid clean vocals.

What associations would you have with the expression 'ocean in a glass'? One can draw some water and thus limit it in a way, but the ancient might of the ocean is unstoppable. Same thing with Jinjer - the space on stage, which was already not that vast, was really decreased by two drum sets, thus even less was left for maneuvering. And the fact that their performance lost absolutely nothing because of that is the merit of our guests, whose energy knocked down and blew the hair.

And according to Arch Enemy Jinjer hits the road with them next year to go on bringing their art to the ears of the ones eager to hear it. But now is the time to bring it to the local audience in Minsk. There was far more room on stage for the headliners and the colourful hair hurricanes raged to the full.
 'We've recently released an album, heard of it?' - mentions Alissa, still the stormy reaction of the audience to 'The World is Yours' proves that Minsk heard of it more than once. Was really nice to hear new tracks from ‘Will to Power’ live, which deserves 9,8 out of 10 just because no one met perfection yet, thus we've got nothing to compare with: right for slam ‘Blood in the Water’; fast ‘The Race’; and epic ‘The Eagle Flies Alone’.

While Alissa and guys were rocking and waving the mic stand and other tools ready at hand, Mike was looking right into the soul of the crowd. I've got  no clue what made his gaze so hypnotic, but it created the feeling that he was playing just for me... and for that guy, well, for each of us, but somehow personally...
Sometimes the audience was seemingly played out thus was unable to give the amount of noise required, but it wouldn't have been Arch Enemy if they couldn't find the way to blow the fading fire to make it burn even brighter than before. The fascinating setlist without a break for lyrics perfectly suited for (practically) never ending slam, though a pretty solid reason for sentiments was an imperishable 'We Will Rise'.

This evening had it all: a good sound, smooth and well rehearsed performance, groovy set, crowd surfer(s), and, of course, stormy applause. And if one frequently has a slight post-show sadness, this time the author of this report left the club being peaceful and with the feeling of internal fullness. And the faces of people passing by showed different emotions, but for sure - the positive ones.


Text: Gella Inspired

Photos: Valeria Mashnenko



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