MGŁA in Minsk

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Smoke, heat, darkness, flame... I can’t say how "hellish" the atmosphere was, but no doubt it was hell good.

Pestilentia’s musicians dressed in cloaks with hoods made the sign of the cross over the dense crowd to the intro, that penetrated through the marrow. They were standing above the lit candles as inquisitors before execution. Involuntarily I started looking back in order to find a way of retreat, just in case... But then our "inquisitors" burst into a piercing guitar squall. It became clear - this natural phenomenon will scorch oxygen and bring chaos. By the way, one didn’t have to wait for long for the latter one: the sea of hands and the fluttering hair was tormented as if hurricane had struck it. I still couldn’t tear my eyes away from the burning candles shaken by the crowd and promising any moment to fall on the head of the one with the lowest negative karmic balance. And finally one of the candles collapsed, luckily no one got hurt.

The rapidly changing projections on screen together with the same fast music absorbed like a swirl without a chance for salvation. To cut it short, the guys did a great job, shook the air and resonated in one’s chest.

The Ukrainian guests Do Skonu [До Скону] replaced Pestilentia on stage pretty soon and showed themselves at their best as well.

The guys performed so dazzlingly bright, it was sometimes difficult to determine whether the light was emitted by the spotlights or it was the flame carved from guitar strings. Do Skonu mingled rhythmic parts with a doom-like expressiveness in a fanciful manner, thus ruling the crowd in a positive sense of the word. The fact that the guys did well in "Brugge" club, could be heard with a naked ear when the audience chanted loud the band’s name after the next bombastic track.  What else can I add? The musicians were remarkable for well-coordinated play and an energetic delivery; one can put "accomplished" into one’s list next to the point "to ignite a spark that does not go out."

Tired? To be honest – kind of, and it's not surprising. Therefore, a half an hour’s break turned out to be pretty timely. Especially for those, whose feet for some reason didn’t carry them yet to the tables with a big choice of merchandise and CDs of notorious representatives of the genre. And when asked why everything cost the way it does, the smiling guy explained that royalties included. And in the end of the day it was worth it.

The headliners appeared on stage as imperceptibly as the sun rolls over the horizon, giving Earthlings into the clutches of darkness. Mgła, in fact, visually was pretty modest, which is quite understandable. Starting with the technically complicated guitar parts, the set list of the Poles was full of "here, there, and still here", which severely limited the maneuverability. While watching it seemed to me that smoke was about to come from beneath the fingers of the musicians. Plus the new wave of excitement gave rise to total brutal headbanging, so not all viewers could follow the possible change of scenery on stage. Thus three faceless shadows lined up and broadcasted their art, which one by no means calls faceless. Incredible rhythm was caught up by the audience with an impeccable accuracy, and "drifts on the turns" of the guitar parts, again the synchronous ones, allowed to avoid the repeatability, like one has while driving along the smooth highway for long with the monotonously changing view behind the window, even if the pretty ones. “Fat” riffs interwoven with the drum wall felt that real like they could actually be cut - true feast for the ears and not only. I think the pain in the muscles for the next few days will be a vivid reminder of another evening one lived not in vain.

Photos: Nat Nazgul
Text: Gella Inspired


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