Nahum - And The Chaos Has Begun (2015)

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Pleasant  surprise overcame practically instantly when I heard these marvelous sounds. What’s that??? Revived spirit of classical death metal of the early 90th???
Yes, it’s getting clear that this material is the heritage of the golden epoch of death metal. Though, with some detailed investigation one can find thrash echoes on the release, which is rather good. Such kind of touch greatly fits to the sound integrity and doesn’t make a muddle out of it like in case of  many avant-garde musicians.  On the contrary  the large amount of appropriate and right solos was like a balm for souls suffering from ‘old school’ deficiency.  ‘And The Chaos Has Begun’ just poured out hail of energy put into its sound. Musical structure of the album is simple and skillfully sorted out, just like by the sculptor that removes everything unnecessary creating masterpiece.  If earlier bands of the same genre faced the sound quality problem, here everything is mastered on a very high level and sounds clean, which also leaves a good impression. Interesting and elaborate riffs, cool solos, drums far from dull sound gladden by appropriate technical skills and generous blast-beats. I’d like to point out the vocal as well, since even growling has its subtypes, so I’m impressed! I know just a few bands that rejoice hearts with such manner of singing. I spit into the face of the person who blames this release being typical copy of death metal origins! Because playing in such an adorable, energetic and moderately melodic manner is out of the common. ‘Passing by’ and plain tracks are totally absent on this album. Each song drives attention its own way. But I’ve been fascinated by the unique and peculiar riffs and a gorgeous solo in the track called ‘Vomit The Darkness’. I give this album a standing ovation and put it into the list of the favourite ones!

Rate: 10 of 10

Official website: nahum.cz

Text: Hated Being



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