Interview with Beyond The Structure

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Metalheads.By correspondent talked to the musicians before their exclusive performance in Minsk.
How do BEYOND THE STRUCTURE as musicians characterize their music? The main idea of the band?
- We have come together to share our energy and convert it into music. We just play death-metal the way we can. Travel around the world and play wherever we can play and enjoy every moment.
Share the info: where and how did you record the full-fledged technical release "Nauseating Truth"? One has to admit that it blows consciousness with the thoroughly composed canvas and the overall production, so some may even doubt that the stereotypically-leisurely Estonia has such a whirlwind of the apocalypse!
- Hehe ... Thank you! In fact, we made this album threesome with the vocalist Misha and the drummer Roma in haste and at home. When I had 10 songs we just got together and recorded everything in our rehearsal room and at my place. The lyrics are left from our first vocalist Pavel, who left the band before the recording. Mixing and mastering was done, by the way, by your compatriot Alexei Stetsyuk of DRYGVA-studio. He did a great job and we express our great RESPECT!
BEYOND THE STRUCTURE members are also involved into other Estonian metal bands. Tell us about it. Has it ever happened that it was necessary to prioritize the importance of the bands?
- Yes, everyone has one’s own projects in addition to Beyond The Structure. I and Roman (drums) play in the industrial-group Freakangel and play d-beat / crust in Ognemöt. Both bands release their albums in 2017. Bassist Hendrik has been playing for long in the atmospheric-death / doom band Paean. Guitarist Bartholomey plays the drums in the instrumental-mathrock / postrock-quartet Kaschalot. Vocalist Mike likes to play techno on analog synths. So far for his own pleasure. He likes Rave...
Do you believe that there are musicians, that screw up everything up to total misunderstanding and the break-up of the band?
- The main thing is to understand what everything is done for and who accomplishes a certain task. If someone fails to accomplish it, one shoul do one’s best to fix it. Well, all hysterical people and provocateurs should be immediately kicked out and nothing happens.
Tell us about Estonian underground scene. Are metal gigs frequent there? What are the prospects for local bands? Do they play nostalgic pop songs of the last millennium in bars to earn for a living?
- In fact, taking into account the size of Tallinn, there are a lot of shows held. There are 3 metal clubs in our hometown, there’s an anarcho-center where one plays everything - post metal / punk / crust / grind core / ska. Every year in the heart of Estonia's a two-day summer open-air festival Hard Rock Laager is held. Our drummer is doing a one-day spring metal festival within the frameworks of «Tallinn music week». There's big club in the old town with two stages. Last year about 1000 people visited this event. In winter there will be a large black-metal fest in Tapper club. If I’m not mistaken this time there will be someone from Belarus. And that's just metal! I will not list what is happening in the other alternative subcultures, otherwise our interview will be much longer. To cut it short you won’t be bored in Tallinn. There’s a plenty of bands but the ones that actively tour are rare. There is a very popular folk-metal band Metsatöll that tours around the world. Talbot playing expriremental-doom is touring too. Freakangel successfully play in Europe. In short, we have the conditions for development, one needs just a wish and awareness of how to do it. Sure when we talk about underground we don’t mean money, but it’s real to cover all the expenses. Playing in pubs is another thing. It’s profitable but in my opinion kind of lacks principles and ideas.
How do you think is there any direct connection between the political system of the country and the musicians’ way of thinking? Is the authority to be blamed in problems of the "eternally dissatisfied" musicians or is it just an excuse of one’s own helplessness and lack of professionalism?
- Of course there is. If the totalitarianism never existed - there wouldn’t have been Letov the way he was. Nowadays everything is allowed and it’s hard to surprise someone – it results in fewer amounts of bright personalities.
What do you know about Belarus? The first association with our blue-eyed-potato-hockey-dranik "none of my business" Republic?
- To my own shame I had never visited Belarus despite I travel a lot. All my friends who were there have only positive feedback. Not so long ago I organized a show for Minsk punks Masspollution, very funny guys. In general Belarus for me stands for great food, fun and positive people, beautiful girls. I hope we’ll have some time to walk around Minsk.
Did Illuminati contact you offering wealth and worldwide popularity in exchange for revealing this proposal?
- Constantly! They broadcast to you through us!
Your appeal to all the fans of frantic technical-death-metal before the exclusive performances in Minsk.
- Come to the concert! We will be glad to give you an energy boost of death-metal, chat and drink beer with you! We'll bring along CDs and T-shirts. SUPPORT UNDERGROUND!
Interviewed: Fiendharon

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