Rebellion is not over: interview with Imperium Decadenz

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Imperium Dekadenz is the band that stands out on the black metal scene with the unique atmosphere on their tracks and staying true to themselves. In the beginning of the next year they will visit our country within Distant Shadows Fest v.I. But before that we talked to the guys about this and that, and music, of course. 
MH: Hello guys! Thank you for your consent to the interview! So let's start. You're playing in Belarus on February 4, and we're really looking forward to it! Have you ever visited Belarus before? Your expectations? 
 Horaz: No we've never visited Belarus before, but we looked for a chance to play in Belarus or Russia since a long time now. We are looking forward to the people’s reactions and we hope that we will have an evening full of big emotions. I think the night life will be great, too and as we already arrive on Friday we will have the chance to get a good impression. Hehehe...

 Do you have a universal live program for every place you play at or prepare smth special?
Horaz: We will fill the whole range of our discography on the setlist and it also covers the whole range of emotions we have on our recordings. We usually change the setting from time to time, but we will speak about the setlist withing the next days.

Your latest album has been released in August, time enough to rate the feedback. How did audience meet your "offspring"?
  Horaz: The reactions were very good. I would say that Dis Manibus is no surprise for someone who has listened to our previous albums, but many were surprised by the power and its depth. Very impressive was that many oldschool metalheads seem to be amazed about that album and fell in love with it. We can confirm that that there is an oldschool core you cannot deny, but we never expected these dimensions. Finally we are extremely pleased with the status quo. 

36355 photoHoraz и Vespasian (IMPERIUM DECADENZ)
MH: I do hope you will also play your old stuff in Minsk… Do you change smth in the old songs when you look at them in retrospective? Like some guitar parts or whatever you might not like? 
 Horaz: Yes we will play the whole range of albums. When we compose new songs we do not keep a focus for the live conversion. To make the songs live-qualified it is necessary to have some adaptions on some arrangements. There are only a few, but we think it improves the whole thing and we are quite sure that the most people will not take notice of it.

We know that Horaz and Vespasian are the heart of the band. On your website it was stated that you recorded vocals and all the instruments except for drums in your home studios. How does the songwriting process of yours work? Does each of you write one's own parts independently? 
  Horaz: Indeed the song basics are composed only by one of us and the second step is to introduce it to the other one. The amount of changes are different from song to song and referring to the input Vespasian or me is giving. It is always a long way to go until we are both pleased with the result. We sharing the guitar and synth work, but the drums are the part of Vespasian and the voice is mine.

 In one of your interviews Horaz once mentioned that labels "don't have money for you" and music isn't smth to make a market of. For the latest album you've signed up for Season of Mist label, why? Especially if practically all the recording is done in home studios? Isn't it cheaper and easier to release digital format…? Your opinion on the matter. 
 The songs are written in our studios and we also record the guitars, bass and synths there but the drum recording, editing, mixing and mastering are done in the Iguana Studios by Christoph Brandes. SoM introduced us into a new network with new connections and they support us with words and deeds so I think it was the right step. By the way we already signed in 2008 and Procella Vadens was the first release we did with them. The music business is a very hard one and we are sometimes fucked off by it, but no pain no gain... Finally we have to add that SoM does not have any influence on the music and does not exert any preasure on us. 

a2886530279 10Dis Manibvs (IMPERIUM DECADENZ)
MH: Getting back to your latest work "Dis Manibvs"; one can distinctly feel the touch of old-school black metal sound, but still it sounds modern despite being deprived of electronic elements and other attributes of experimental modern sound. Do you avoid it on purpose? 
We are grown up with the 80th and 90th metal and our first contact with black metal were bands like Darkthrone and Burzum. Of course these bands and styles will always be a part of our work, but apparently we become a bigger hunger for old school stuff during the last production. Hahaha

 Do you care about the current trends in metal at all? 
 Well this is the point to finalize your last question. Of course we are looking out for new stuff and we are interested in new ideas, but we are at a point now where we are a bit jaded by the Post Black Metal stuff. I think that had a big influence when we started the production of Dis Manibus. If we have to give a headline about Post Black Metal it would be "The Rebellion has ended". Metal and especially Black Metal was always being against society and their lies etc., but new style feels like everyone is please now. We understand that every generation needs its own icons and new inputs are important to keep things alive, but we felt a new hunger coming from the past.

 As we know the band's title(as well as the lyrical basis)refers to Roman Empire. Are you just inspired by decadence of this particular historical period or see every step of the mankind's evolution in the perspective of its dying?
Vespasian: We are inspired by the Roman empire as it offers everything the human race stands for: Pride, Hate, Evolution, Hate, Decadence, Culture, Art, Mysticism…
But: Dis Manibvs is not (only) about the Roman Empire. It’s about life and death, about living and dying. Its about to live your individual dream. The goal is to walk you very own part.

imperium dekadenzHoraz и Vespasian (IMPERIUM DECADENZ)
MH: The latest album touches deep existential topics of life and death, thus being bound to the core Roman Empire topic. Is there any room for innovation within the concept, stepping outside the "Black Forest"?
We are surely inspired by the black forest and also the roman empire. But Imperium Dekadenz, and the art we are creating does not know any limitations. We have many songs that have a very different topic (An Autumn Serenade, A Million Moons, Only Fragments Of Light…). Its simply wrong when people say that ID is only about the black forest or the roman empire.

 Some lyrics in English, some in German. Why? Does it come natural or are English tracks are meant to draw more international recognition? ;) 
Vespasian: It absolutely comes naturally! Horaz is a specialist when it comes to german lyrics. Vespasian feels more comfortable when writing English lyrics. There is no commercial masterplan behind the different languages.

 In interviews you’re often made to compare your albums. And when it comes to creation do you start writing from scratch or keep in mind some things from the previous works that must be improved and deliberately try some “different” sound? 
Vespasian:     We always try to improve our art. Our goal is to put as much emotions in the songs as possible. We always start writing with an empty paper. We listen to our inner voice, not to old ID-songs. We don’t want to write the same album twice. Besides, this will never happen, because we as humans improve, we always get new inspiriation. You can compare the progress of our art with the progress of our characters.

 We know musically you were influenced by the old Norwegian black metal scene. But now you’re prominent on the metal scene too, so have you ever been told or heard you were an influence for someone? 
Yes, from time to time we read about newcomers that mention ID as an influence. That’s pretty cool, of course!

 Horaz is a big fan of movies, it’s not a secret your band’s title was inspired by the famous "Caligula" movie (1979). If you were to record a soundtrack to any movie (existing or not), which one you’d choose? Or maybe you already have it in plans? 
The Caesar-assassination would be an interesting topic! Or the battle of Cannae…or the battle of the Teutoburg Forest…there are many interesting topics, hehehe.
There are no plans yet.

 Thank you guys for your time and the answers! Take care and see you soon in Minsk!
Thank you! Looking forward to the show!

Interviewed: Gella Inspired
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