Interview with Christos Antoniou (Septicflesh): We always try to create smth that our souls express

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Had a heartful talk with Christos before the show of Septicflesh in Minsk 11.06.2017. The link to the video interview follows after the text one.

MH: Hi Christos, thanks for joining us and playing in Minsk. Is it true that it’s a kind of Greek tradition to start a conversation without talk about weather?
You mean the Greek weather?

MH: Any weather.
CA: Ehm first time we’re asked about smth like this, you know. [the joke didn't work out ;) ]

MH: Often there’s a situation that you’re touring a lot and have to play several shows in a row in different cities. And how do you cope with stress, how do you recover your energy to rock that hard the way you do?
CA: Well, you know, we’re used to it. In the beginning was a bit more difficult than now. But we have to do our job, we have to entertain our fans, and we rehearse a lot to perform the best we can. And it’s always pleasure to be on stage. You like smth – you don’t get so tired in a way. We’re doing what we like and we’re really pleased about it.

MH: But still there are things you hate and love about touring most of all. What are they?
Ehm, toilets… You miss your toilet in a way… But in general the majority of times we have good conditions, we don’t complain, we’re easy-going people, you know.

MH: Every band has its own kind of touring story, whether it’s terrific or fun. Do you have any to share?
CA: I don’t remember any strange or peculiar to mention, you know. We have some normal things that occur on tour. But not smth that is really crazy.

MH: That’s nice when life goes it way. And how do you personally and the other members of the band manage to find a balance between activity within Septicflesh and the activity for your side projects?
CA: When we don’t tour we have time for our lives, our projects. We focus on these bands when we have the luxury to have this time. The majority of time we have to tour, it’s how it is in our lives. And we have found the formula to combine these two lives in a way. Again as I’ve mentioned before – we do smth that we really like, we’re really lucky and we’re going on as it is.

MH: Probably you should have your own “must-do” list of things you must have already done or things you plan to do. So can you share some of them?
CA: Well, I would like to visit some countries that I haven’t visited yet. We’re going to visit the majority of South America in the fall, we might go to Dubai, China, and this kind of stuff. I like to travel with the band, I have this opportunity, and when I have time I always try to do as much sightseeing as I can.When I have time, of course.

MH: Do you have some experimental ideas in your mind, which you actually want to bring to life but still don’t dare to?
CA: Well, we would like to perform with an orchestra live. It’s not about experiment, it’s about smth that we really like; it would be our biggest accomplishment. And we will try to do it in the future. This will complete us as musicians. It will be an amazing feeling to have behind you an amazing orchestra in order to perform your music.

MH: Can you recommend us some places in Greece, which one must see? I mean your fans… Maybe some of them inspired you for creating some of your songs or whatever?
CA: Well, Athens is my city; you can go there and see many ancient ruins, you can see Parthenon. On the other hand you can go to islands like Santorini, Corfu, Crete in order to have good time there like vacations. Greece is a very beautiful country, you’ve got many things to do and see because of its antique history, it’s a very touristic place… You should go to Greece when you can, it’s a very nice place.

MH: OK, thank you, hope I will as well as your fans. Soon you’re releasing your next 10th album, and frankly speaking not so much was told about it, just that it’s supposed to be great and it was meant to be released in spring, but was postponed. Can you reveal smth about it? The reasons of delay and some details about the concept?
CA: Well, I won’t say a lot of stuff, you know. It won’t be a concept album in terms of lyrics. But some things in production were not on time and we had to postpone it. It’s going to be released soon, in the fall, and soon we will make new statements about the new album. Soon we will have some singles and other stuff that we promoted. Really really soon.

MH: We’re anticipating! Many musicians nowadays write books about their biographies, etc. Do you plan a kind of biography of your own or the band on the whole?
CA: No, I think it’s too early for smth like that… Time will tell. If we will be able to achieve this and make a biography… But Septicflesh will not say we need one, other people have to say this. It’s not our job to do that; it’s too early and still we have more things to give.  

MH: Is it important for you as a musician and for the band to get acknowledgement and to be in the list of top 10 metal bands of 2017?
CA: It’s not our purpose; we don’t make music in order to be in the best albums. We always try to create smth fresh, smth that our souls express. We don’t follow any formulas in order to please the press or whatever. We create music for ourselves and for our fan base – and it’s the most important. Of course, if the press likes it, it’s always welcome. But we always aim for smth that has an entity for us, smth that has a quality and a vision – this is the most important for us.

In order to refresh memories about the show, follow the link.

Interviewed: Gella Inspired
Camera: Inga Max
Camera/editing: Nat Nazgul



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