Interview with Moruga: "Stage is a theatre for us!"

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A couple of questions from correspondent and vivid interesting answers.
What inspired you to form a band? Your sources of motivation?
Evgeny (vocalist): The question is very serious. In fact I started the band. One of the factors was implementation of the inner "rock star": to show that in our country you one can do normal stuff, to arrange European level shows that everyone likes but for some reasons doesn’t  reach.
Ilya (bass): The main reason why I joined the band was the wish to achieve something more substantial than our underground parties. To play on a normal stage with the good bands and achieve some fame.
MORUGAMoruga: "to achieve more than our underground parties"
Why did you choose black metal but not the other genre(s)? What was the reason?
Evgeny (vocals): I’m the founder of the band, so the genre was mine. In general, personally I characterize our style as the old-school / symphonic / black-metal, but it’s what we currently do. We’ll see what it turns into in future. I’m the author of the lyrics and album’s title and I took inspiration from the latest album of Cradle of Filth, as well as the one of Dark Funeral... Now we’re looking forward to the album of Dimmu Borgir. The bands I’ve mentioned are the leaders of the genre we’ve been listening to since childhood. It’s the music for the soul. We play nothing new.
Maxim (guitar): In general, we do remastering of the old stuff.
Evgeny (vocals): That's right, remaster and as I used to say a new interpretation of the old school.
Guram (drums): The selected genre is loved by all the band members. We've been familiar with the black metal for long and it’s not just a spontaneous decision. There was no doubt about choosing smth. like death, pop, and so on. Everyone knew from the very start what the outcome should be and we worked with a common goal.
Maxim (guitar): Why black? Well, because black is bright and real emotions, not embellished with any mathematical riffs. Real primitive instincts.

MORUGAMoruga: "new interpretation of the old school"
Who else inspired you except for the bands mentioned?
Evgeny (vocals): Generally, all the old school: the Norwegian and Finnish one, as well as English. It’s a wild mix, symbiosis. It's very versatile, because different members follow different vectors.
Maxim (guitar): We basically take not any musical elements from these bands but the components of their shows. As for the music, the inclusions in our material come from different styles.
As a rule, the creators and musicians in particular have a muse. What is your source of inspiration?
Evgeny (vocals): As the composer of the lyrics, I can say that I was inspired by the recently released series "Salem", the book "Hammer of Witches" and a lot of dark fantasy literature. In general texts form pictures in my head, a symbiosis of the world I see. No protest, everything is based on the principle of "philosophy of reasoning on the subject." And music writing is a collective thing in the band.
How long does the band exist?
Evgeny (vocals): The idea of moving our ass off the couch and forming a band appeared in January 2016. The first rehearsal took place at the end of April.

Moruga: "Music writing is the collective thing for the band"
As we know many black-metal bands somehow built around anti-Christian / pagan themes. What is your attitude to the embodiment of the anti-Christian spirit in the Black?
Evgeny (vocals): We touch philosophy and fantasy topics in our lyrics. The heroes of my texts are eternally hungry vampires that have to hunt, witches... I don’t strive to show black and white, I try to show symbiosis - the natural balance that has to be. Each band member has one's own attitute towards religion.
Ilya (bass): We refrain from any propaganda of any point of view. I think people's attitudes to it will be different, but still there won’t be any propaganda.
Moruga: "We don't stand for any propaganda and the viewpoint"
How does the process of composing songs look like?
Evgeny (vocals): In the age of high technology it’s essential to use them. GuitarPro, internet (we have a wonderful chat VKontakte). It means we connect very fast. So to say we exchange the gtp’s and come to consensus.
Maxim (guitar): Everyone's opinion matters. We don’t have someone who is in charge of everything.
Evgeny (vocals): Yes. I can say that there is a kind of democracy in the band.
Nikita (guitar): The basic idea of ​​the song is provided by one person. And then as a result of collective efforts we develop it and shape it into smth. complete.
Evgeny (vocals): And last but not least, the band has already started to work as a single organism. It rarely happens when someone isn’t satisfied with smth.. When someone shares one’s files we like them all at once as a rule. Everyone got the idea and direction. And it’s a good thing.
Do you have a person who is in charge of the organizational issues of the band? In other words do you have a manager?
Evgeny (vocals): Yes, we have a manager. I immediately determined that musicians should do music. We should think about music, merchandize, guitars, plates, guitar amps, stage choreography, and so on. I’ve faced the fact that when one starts thinking about money and PR, the creativity leaves. I want to keep it. So we have a person who is generally indifferent to the things we do but he is interested in the mechanism of PR. He is our mechanic. He knows how all these principles of promotion on the Internet work, the principles that we don’t need to stuff our heads with.
Moruga: "When one starts thinking about money and PR, the creativity leaves"
How and where do you rehearse?
Evgeny (vocals): Everyone rehearses at home. One practices certain elements, thus everyone is ready for a joint rehearsal. We don’t decide what to play on the spot. There’s a distinct organization with a special table containing the clear plan and deadlines. The project is commercial as I’ve mentioned earlier. But it doesn’t mean we are going to earn a lot of money on it. We aren’t dreamers. It’s commercial because we invest money into it to get a good product.
Do you practice the extreme singing at home as well?
Evgeny (vocals): Yes, I do. At first it was kind of creepy since I had some blocks in my mind. Then I found a way not to care about the neighbours and it helped me on stage not to damage my vocal cords.
What do the neighbors say?
Evgeny (vocals): Well, I’d say that my neighbours above practice far better extreme vocals. Taking into account the way they shout I can say that my home rehearsals are like sight for sore eyes for them.
And what will the drummer say about it?
Guram (drums): Well, drummers have pads for rehearsing at home. Two pads and sticks are quite enough to practice at home. If there are some things that need to be improved live I can work on them in studio. If one has a  wish anything is possible. Even home rehearsal of a drummer!

Moruga: "Taking into account how our neighbours shout, my home rehearsals are like sight for sore eyes for them"
After your recent debut in Brugge club on Halloween many have compared your stage images to those of Dimmu Borgir. Do you have an image maker or do everything yourselves?
Nikita (guitar): Everyone chooses one’s clothes and make-up. In other words, there is a certain concept we follow.
Do you do your make-up yourselves?
Nikita (guitar): That's right, everything’s done by us!
Ilya (bass): Dirt and water. And today we’ll teach you how to do it yourself! (everyone laughs)
Maxim (guitar): In fact, I’ve never done it before. But when I tried I really enjoyed it. I felt like a true Halloween evil!
Evgeny (vocals): About costumes and make-up. There is an opinion that I’ve seen in the comments that we’re just "ordinary painted Dimmu Borgir wannabees". We even have some haters. And it pleases me immensely! It means we’ve impressed the audience and achieved some results and feedback.
Maxim (guitar): Akin news: usually said more bad than good.
Evgeny (vocals): The stage for us is a theater  and action. And what we do on stage belongs to the idea that we want to convey to the audience. I will give an example. When you come to the opera Carmen and the soloist Don Jose appears in shorts and a t-shirt and says that today he didn’t want to change clothes. And then what happens? Intense makeup and costumes are OK for a theatre while some claim it to be stupid when it comes to Belarussian scene. Many people think: "We will play cool and the way we’re dressed doesn’t matter!" So many performances of many bands look like rehearsals. That's it.
Guram (drums): Well, about the accusation of resemblance with Dimmu Borgir – I think it’s good. It's great that people find something in common with such titans of the metal scene!

MORUGAMoruga: "There's a certain concept we follow"
As far as I understood the relationships in the band are warm enough, right?
Evgeny (vocals): That's right. There are no girls in the band, so no one to fight for (laughs). We stand for common idea, have one vector of creativity, so some personal issues are put aside.
Guram (drums): Why do we have a friendly atmosphere in the band? Because we gather to make music. And all the private problems are left outside the studio. As Evgeny said, we have the common idea and a similar world view, which is enough to sustain these warm relations. And private remains private.
Do you stand for the principle of "to die for metal" or admit musical diversity?
Maxim (guitar): If one doesn’t allow musical variety nowadays, one can simply drown. For example the light elements of In Flames' music are warmly welcomed, I think. In other words, take any modern Swedish death metal - such inclusions are possible. So
why not? Theres no limit to perfection.
Evgeny (vocals): We took classics as basis as I’ve already mentioned. And then in the process of working together we get completely new ideas. Regarding the diversity of music - I really respect elektro scene: EBM, Industrial and so on. I listen to a lot of things except for modern pop music, of course.
Guram (drums): What we play and that we listen to - are different things. The music we listen to is purely individual thing. Regarding my favorite... Mostly, of course, it’s heavy music of different subgenres. But I also love listening to music of the '80s: Genghis Khan, Modern Talking, CC Catch. I find in this music interesting and listen for diversity since constantly playing "heavy music" is boring ...
Nikita (guitar): I don’t restrict myself in music. Yes, my favorite genre is black-metal, but I find it somehow stupid to lock myself within this genre only. I listen to the things that appeal to me. I prefer quality music. Even if it’s any high-quality pop music, why not?
Ilya (bass): Agree with Nikita and Guram about quality. Nowadays there are too much "music" and many "musicians". I do not like mediocrity. Personally I like the new project of Adam Darski (Behemoth) a lot. In general, this band’s changes motivate me. Honestly, I have to listen to many different artists, genres and styles ... You will laugh, but I can even listen to Grigory Leps.

MORUGAMoruga: "Things we play and things we listen to differ"

And the last question: when do you plan the release?
Evgeny (vocals):
We're recording it now. Due to some reasons we shifted a couple of deadlines. We know that social networks and promotion are important, but we want to make shows and perform the first line, so that people could see us live. To create atmosphere and share emotions... That's why our release is delayed. We want it to be of a high quality, and I guarantee we'll do it when the time is right.

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