'Just watch it and please rather try to feel it than understand it.' - Interview with Medico Peste

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Medico Peste was a kind of a dark horse even back at VOX DIABOLI II. And the lack of information about the band on the internet couldn't but inspire our crew to go searching for light spots on this dark horse. We're excited to share the result with you.

MH: The band has been formed relatively not that long ago – in 2010. It means nowadays, when there are plenty of different bands with different names. Was it hard for you to find the one unique?

Silencer: Not really. I came up with the name some time before the band got together. I was reading about XIV century Europe and the Black Death and I really liked the character of the Plague Doctor. I loved the irony that even though his task was to heal; he was not only helpless but actually often responsible for the spread of the disease which he carried on him.

MH: You don’t use Medico della Peste on stage, but still some members of the band hide their faces. Do you use masks in order to let the listener pay more attention to your music rather than faces or wish not to be recognized on street?

Silencer: I personally want the listener to focus on the music the emotions and energy that we utter from within ourselves, we - the musicians are irrelevant in this relationship and so is our look. Obscuring your face also helps to detach yourself from all that surrounds and to focus better on channeling your emotions. It’s not about privacy, however and we are moving from obscuring ourselves to diverting the attention toward visuals that we started using during our shows.


MH: What’s the main ‘plague’ of our century? Is your ‘doctor’ going to eliminate the ‘plague’ or just watch things happening hiding behind the mask?

The Fall:
I don’t know. We, as Europeans live quite a comfortable life comparing this to even 50 years ago. In Poland there are no major medical issues, no raging wars around, politics is really bad – but we still can carry on, same with economic situation. Trying to find an analogy between medieval plague that was killing hundreds of thousands and anything that is happening right now in our lives would be an arrogant, dick move.

MH: Let’s talk about the characters of 'Herzogian Darkness'. No faces, no hair, no clothes; which drama did each of them go through? Who invented the whole story from the concept? Who played their parts?

The Fall: Do you mean the characters in the video and in the layout? This is the visual illustration  of our music by BFV/INSIDE FLESH, a group of performers making dark, erotic art. I really wouldn’t like to impose any interpration on the symbolism or meaning. Just watch it and please rather try to feel it than understand it.


MH: There are pretty many black metal bands. Does it mean that there’s such phenomenon as Krakow black metal school with its own recognizable sound?

Silencer: I wouldn’t call it a ‘school’, but there seems to be something in the air in Krakow that makes it the center of Polish black metal. Also the fact that many local bands record their albums in Mikolaj’s No Solace studio contributes to that.

MH: With such a numerous amount of black metal bands in one place, one naturally thinks of a kind of community or even clan. Does it sound like the truth?

The Fall: Community or a clan sounds not so very fit to the situation. If you mean cracovian bands like Mgła, Medico Peste, Odraza, Mord’s’Stigmata – we are just friends. We know each other, go on same shows, borrow each other instruments, share members, sometimes know each other for a long time and played in some bands years ago. And because of that you can find some similarities between our bands. It’s a natural diffusion but definitely not any kind of organized circle.


MH: One of the bands that set up high quality standards is Mgła. Do you strive for the same results or prefer staying in ‘underground’?

The Fall: Working on your quality is one thing, being underground is the other. You can be quality underground band, and you can be popular but play not so very good music. High standard quality in Mgła was never a tool to go popular as a band, it that was just a goal itself. Same with us – we are not aiming for big venues and festivals – we are aiming to provide you with the high quality music we would like to receive ourselves. 

MH: Sure we know that some musicians of Medico Peste are also members of Mgła, which frequently has a crazy schedule. How do you manage to find time and energy for Medico Peste? Or maybe you’ve got even more projects?

The Fall: Well, we have other projects, some of us have even few and also we all have normal, daily jobs. It can be demanding sometimes to have time for everything but it is possible if you are organized. Most dramatic point in my life in this area was when I came back from some Mgła shows to Krakow. On the aiport I immediately took a taxi and drove to my office as I had first of 6 nightshifts  in a row coming up. It’s hard but  that’s how it works.

MH: There are also former members of Mgla in the band. What made them leave such a successful project?

 One member. I left Poland for Britain thus could not continue with the band.

 Are there any musicians in the band who will visit Minsk for the first time? Will the ones of Medico Peste who already did, advise the ones who didn’t to do so? Have you already reserved some place on your fridges for some souvenir magnets from Minsk?

The Fall: Me and EVT were here with Mgła this year and really liked it – rest will see it for the first time. We liked the show and the audience and we enjoyed the city and the people as well. I hope sometime I travel here just to spend some time as a tourist, maybe next year?
Yes, we adore low quality tourist souvenirs and I hope we will get some rare ones.


Interviewed: Nat Nazgul

Photos are taken from the band's official facebook page





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