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Four years of existence. More than twenty concerts.  A very interesting split with Difleger. The song adopted as the soundtrack for the Belarussian film. And finally, the debut album. Our heroes today are the band with atmospheric music, catchy live-performances and interesting name - Nebulae Come Sweet. And at the day of the premiere of the full-length release, all three guys (Igor Kovalev, Sergey Shydlouski  and Andrey Buzovsky) agreed to answer Metalheads.By correspondent’s questions.
You have released your first album today «It Is Not The Night That Covers You». What concept is the basis for this release?
Igor: This is the search of oneself and one’s place in the world, a journey through inner contradictions and fears. The symbolism of the night in the album – is an unconscious emotional experience of the protagonist, a depressing inner state, which breaks out and converts into the dark chaos of the world. This chaos precedes a certain opening of oneself, an enlightenment.
The name of the album «It Is Not The Night That Covers You» - an allusion to the first line of the poem written by the English poet William Ernest Henley's "Undefeated" (Invictus):
Out of the night that cover me
Black as the pit from pole to pole
I thank whatever Gods may be
For my unconquered soul.
The poem itself tells the story of courage in the face of death and the will to overcome the difficulties of life. The first stanza is the key to understanding the final part of the album: no matter what, the soul remains undefeated. My poem is the heart of the concept.
NEBULAE COME SWEET. Фото с записиNEBULAE COME SWEET. picture of the recording process
How hard for you was the creation of this album? What incidents and problems you encountered in the process of working on it? Who did the tracks' arrangements?
Sergey: In fact, when I hear this question, I can't believe that the album is actually ready! In general, the material came quite easily to us. Sometimes it was enough to start playing a couple of notes, as the basis of the new track was already visible. Sometimes it was someone's home-made sketch. But as soon as we reached the studio, there it all started... Some tracks were made over for several times. We told ourselves that we could have already recorded three albums for the time we've spent on this one, but our goal was to surpass ourselves. Basic arrangements have always been ours. It was the way we have seen our future songs. "Polishing" and bringing them up to scratch was the task of our friend - Arseniy Nikonov. By the way, all the instrumental part of the arrangements was recorded live. We wanted to record everything "for real" in order to create the right atmosphere of the album.
Andrey: If we evaluate the finished work (which took more than two years), it looks very simple. In fact, all is not as rosy as we would like. Money was the permanent stumbling block - we always lacked it, in contrast to the ideas. We wanted to do everything with maximum quality and lively, and we had to pay extra for it. But there are good people in the world! Thanks to the musicians, who helped us in every possible way with recording stringed, wind, and other instruments, as well as with cool ideas. Everyone made some contribution to the sound of the album.
Igor: The album has been created for a long time even because of the fact that something always tried to ruin our plans. We are not superstitious, but the facts speak for themselves. As soon as I recorded the drums for the first 3 songs, it took just three days for me to be drafted into the military. And until the end everyone was sure that I would be granted a delay. Before the bass recording Sergey broke his neck, so everything had to be postponed again. Car broke down, lamps burnt, guest musicians suddenly had to pass a lab or a test. After another meeting (in the military - the author's note) I strained my voice and restored for a few months... We ended up recording the album at night! Once we went out of the car with the equipment for Everest studio on Friday night, and met the guys from Challenger Deep and Another Lips. They probably still think that we are so twisted to record everything at night to make the material angrier! (Laughs)
NEBULAE COME SWEET. Фото с записиNEBULAE COME SWEET. Picture of the recording process
To what extent does the CD cover capture the essence of the album? By the way, why did you decide not to refer to it the band's and album’s name?
Igor: Probably to more than the full extent. Night has always been associated with the feminine nature, for example in the ancient Chinese mythology - Yin (black). Therefore, a woman is portrayed on the cover. A wing of a certain mysterious creatures / bird, or maybe the one of the God brings the element of mystery, horror and magic that fill the soul of the protagonist. And about the name... Less mess on the cover, in the end of the day. Let people enjoy art, and not the long name of the band plus the one of the album! By the way Katya Fleur painted the cover (as well as the cover of the latest release of Challenger Deep).
Why did you decide to cooperate with the foreign musicians and why these ones? Well, Minsk, as a whole, it is clear – it’s fun...
Sergey: Well, they actually asked for it! And we were paid tons of money to use their vocals on our release.
Igor: (laughs) But seriously, in some tracks we wanted to reach certain mood shifts due to the vocal timbre change. We emailed to several singers whose vocals we liked, and that’s it. And the PR is doubtful, in fact: if we had a goal to arrange some PR for ourselves, we would have emailed rather to Jacob Bannon of Converge or someone even more famous. And, of course, would have to pay a lot of money in order to persuade the singer to sing with us. But we haven’t spent a dime.
NEBULAE COME SWEET. Фото с записиNEBULAE COME SWEET. The picture of the recording process
Was it difficult to work with them? How did they react to such a proposal? To the idea of the release?
Igor: It was difficult only in terms of timing. They have to find time in the midst of touring and recording. And they had professional approach to recording and work with the material. Christopher Bennett responded to our offer only 2 months later. But when he heard the material and concept, he dived into work completely. Christopher Beckstrom replied immediately and got the entire album and a poem. In addition, I asked him to compose the lyrics for the last song on his own according to his perception of the idea of ​​the album.
Are you satisfied with the result? What do you expect from the release of the disc and its presentation?
Igor: To be honest, I really am. Well, at least this is the first release for 6 years playing in bands and stuff that I'm completely sure about. And I personally have no expectations. There are goals that we as a band should achieve. In particular, we are obliged to attract a wide range of people with different musical tastes; to make out of our band a piece of art, honed and tuned in every detail: from the music and lyrics to the stage performance.
Andrew: To say that I’m satisfied means to say nothing! Every day I listened to our tracks when they weren’t even mixed. The first thing is the realization that you contributed to the sound of the album. It brings joy and inspiration. Well, I listened to everything thoroughly to figure out what needs to be improved in further releases. The main thing for me is the people who will get the same pleasure from our music as we do.
Igor: True, Andrey liked the material during recording it. He took different guitars for our fellow musicians and have been turning the amplifiers and microphones for hours with Pasha Sinilo. In fact, most of the work on the sound was on Andrei and Sergei. I just polished it. By the way, it was Anrey who proposed to make acoustics the main element. Soon we’ll start implementing some sketches on acoustic set, and there will be some ideas of Andrey!
NEBULAE COME SWEET. Фото с записиNEBULAE COME SWEET. The picture of the recording process
What is the poem that the album based on about? Where can people get acquainted with it?
Igor: It’s the 7 pages long piece composed by crazy Igor and that’s it. Just kidding! In general, I’ve been writing and rewriting it for almost two years, drawing inspiration from the works of Tomas Eliot, Nietzsche, Zulawski and Tarkovsky filmography. One will get the opportunity to read the poem a little bit later: it will be published on the pages of the CD booklets.
Your videoclip on "Le N" turned out to be gloomy and leisured. Why this song? What meaning do the crosses convey in the video?
Igor: As for the choice – it was simple: the most pop song! One won’t shoot video on 6-7 minutes long track! (Laughs)
Andrey: This song hasn't been fully ready, we just needed to do something wrong! (Laughs)
Sergey: I personally would like everyone to understand each video in one’s own way. Crosses are just an image, like everything else in the video. For me it’s the interpretation of the cross one has to bear. For the rest - it would be great if everyone could see in these crosses things that prevent one from keeping it real.
Igor: Crosses stand for values imposed by society values ​​and religion. We break the shackles and burn them on our way to our own temple (house in the video), where we gain our freedom and the understanding of what we need, our values and boundaries. You know, I think the main thing is that we accidentally shot a clip at the cemetery! (smiles)
How come?
Igor: The trick was when we were going to the place, we were told that there was a cemetery in the forest and it was forbidden to go there. The forest was far away and we had trouble to reach it and moreover had no wish to hang out there despite we aren’t superstitious. Next to the field and an abandoned house there were 3-4 trees and a bunch of bushes, that created a gloomy scenery. We decided to shoot it in such a way as if it were a thick forest, the thicket we abandoned. By the way, this image is a reference to Dante Alighieri if you’re interested. None of us knew that there was an old Jewish cemetery. When I remember that I slipped a couple of times on some rocks I have the creeps.
Who was the director of the video?
Igor: Andrey Borysyuk. He films erotica, clips, and is just a good guy! (Laughs)
Sergey: The director is my old friend, who has already shot music videos for me. Our first collaboration was with Acid Head project. He needed to replenish his portfolio, and we needed a cheap video.
When are you going to present the disk? Will you invite someone as a support? Do you plan to tour with the album?
Igor: In early February, we plan to do solo. We think about the tour but it’s too early to say anything. There are some agreements about several European cities, we’re invited to Ukraine. There are people in Russia who are willing to organize everything for us.
Sergey: By the way, Cox (Challenger Deep) will know from the interview that there will be no support, and you were worried! (Laughs)
Igor: Here’s the thing. We have really close friends - Challenger Deep, and we are very worried about the fact we don’t call them as a support. We are planning to organize 2 hours of music with a quartet and guest musicians (namely Anton from Challenger Deep, Anton from Serdce / Irdorath and others). We just have to somehow place them on stage right, percussion (quite possibly there will be 2 drum kits), female back vocalist, saxophonist and other musicians + decorations and light. And if there will be a support, people will have to wait for at least half an hour until this whole thing is set up.
By the way about touring, what was your most memorable road story?
Igor: We once arranged a mini-tour with the guys from the Challenger Deep. For us it was the first full-fledged  visit to another country. On our way we've lost a stroboscope, played on the station and in rehearsal room with the cool guys General Grievous from Nizhny Novgorod, whom we met already in Minsk in April this year, stood in traffic jams in Moscow, were freaked out by the Russian truckers on snow-covered roads, and never used our screen with crosses. In general, it was cheerful, unusual and memorable for everyone.
NEBULAE COME SWEET. Фото с записиNEBULAE COME SWEET. The picture of the recording process
Who composes the music in the band? Who comes up with the lyrics? Who is responsible for the images, performance? Is there any kind of "division of labor" in the band?
Igor: All of us are composers! The lyrics and the concept of the shows and album images are always mine. We don’t have any distinct division. We function as the whole thing! Interchangeable and kicking-each-others’-asses! (Laughs)
What does the make-up of each of you stand for? What do your images represent?
Igor: Andrey - pride, greatness, wisdom, Lucifer (divine-spirit-future), the image – whether a horned demon mask or the mask of the one with three faces (which I’m making right now). I represent human vices, suffering, narcissism, redemption, Antichrist (self-awareness in the present), and image is the crown of thorns; crying angel; mouth smeared with vices (like I’m eating them). Sergey - primitive, anger, Nature (chaos). Image - scorched white-red hair or a skull (like the one of the voodoo adepts). But it’s all rather vague, to be honest. The images are intended to shock and to allow the listeners to decide themselves who we are.
Andrey: Igor has already described the images. But the make-up in addition to creating a certain image helps me to feel more relaxed on stage. I don’t bother about the way my face looks like and surrender to the process completely. However, wearing make-up in the city after the show isn’t that comfortable. (Laughs)
How did you set up the band? What were the most unusual gifts from fans you’ve ever got?
Igor: The band was formed spontaneously seven days before the debut concert! My friend organizer Eugene texted me once and asked to find the band appropriate for the show format. I don’t know my motives, but I said that I had such a band. The consequences of this ill-considered decision overtook me the next morning. First I shocked my neighbor Andrey (current guitarist), and then my friends Pasha and Pyotr (current Irdorath guitarist). A little later I told the keyboardist Artyom about the performance we can’t avoid. Just three rehearsals and improvisation on stage – people ended up asking for our CDs! Moreover, we’ve got positive response from the guys from Victim Path, Re123+ and EndName, and these musicians still inspire us and we’re very close! But fans didn’t give us any gifts, but actually asked for ones. (Laughs) In particular, they really wanted the mask and one of the fans got it. We really like when people come up and just talk to us. I feel the fans as the people close to me, the ones who touched my inner world, empathized with me and feel like they’ve spent with me a lifetime. Sometimes we are called pretentious. We are flattered by this. Firstly, I don’t see anything wrong about that, since this perception creates a halo of interest. Secondly, it plays to our advantage, since it creates some artificial distance between the listener and the person hiding behind the image of the musician on stage.
How did you come to the idea of ​​video performance with extracts from movies? Who makes the masks? What do you give preference to: masks or make-up?
Igor: About video performance - it's simple! The movies we’re using are the source of inspiration for us. I’m making masks myself from papier-mache. Then I paint them with acrylic paint and lacquer. Teeth of the latest mask, by the way, belong to the pig. We found a skull, I knocked out the teeth, boiled them and screwed into the mask. If we decide to wear makeup instead of masks we use acrylic paint. Professional make-up is still far more expensive and far less waterproof. And acrylic paint despite being not very good for one’s skin looks good and cracks nice! And whether a mask or make-up – it’s up to the mood.NEBULAE COME SWEETNEBULAE COME SWEET 4 years ago everything was spontaneous, full of improvisation and left for the fortune. Today you released your debut album. What has changed in your perception of the band over the years? What do you enjoy?
Igor: Now, a few years later, when the band grew and stood on one’s own feet, I can look back and honestly say that I am 100% confident in our listener. It’s an indescribable feeling: seeing an inquisitive quiet audience, which from the beginning to the end lives through the music we play, that brings us happiness, and at the end gives to a storm of applause. My legs shake every time in the end of the performance, as if it's the first time. (Laughs)
Of course, I can’t but ask about what fans should expect from the NCS in the future? What next?
Igor: In the nearest future it’s presentation, touring and making a mini-album, which will complete the concept of the first one. Meanwhile we're working on acoustic material.
Your wishes to the listeners, as well as readers of the website Metalheads.By.
Igor: Stay hungry in terms of looking for good music, try to understand and feel what you found, and be true to your tastes!
Tonight at 18.00 Nebulae Come Sweet officially present their debut album «It Is Not The Night That Covers You» in their official VK group. Metalheads.By present a review of the long-awaited release.

Interviewed: Johnny Willson
Photos are provided by the band


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