'Fame is not the answer', - interview with Poets of the Fall

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In a week at the height of autumn our capital meets the northern romantics Poets of the Fall. We couldn't miss the chance chatting with the band, which predictably resulted in the interview with Marko. Enjoy! 

MH: First of all, thank you guys for your assistance and music, of course. :) Let’s go!
Poets: Thank you so much, it's our pleasure.

MH: How do you find a way out when you come to a certain country for the 2nd or 43rd time and are asked how the latest visit there was and you’ve got no clue?
Poets: Well, first you throw a flashy high kick, miss the reporter by a mile, sprain your hamstring and make a run for it... Was that what you meant? No? Oh well, I suppose it's either exchanging pleasantries, so you just give an overall impression, or they ask you for something specific, and like you said, you just admit that you have no clue, which you probably don't since you're on tour, you may have not been sleeping for I dunno, two months. You do realise , I'm just flapping my lips here and sounds, almost like words, come out. :)

MH: How was Belarus? :)
Poets: Memorable, if brief. Last time we had time for just the show, and that was pretty much it. Oh, but what a show it was and what a night. We do love how our Belarusian fans welcome us so warmly every time, and how strongly they really live the music and enjoy the show. They're also very loud, which is a bonus.

MH: You play a lot with contrasts of light and darkness. Never thought of going more extreme or arranging a feat with a black metal band, for example?
Poets: Sure, for an artist, that and others like it are all interesting ideas, and we do have plenty of those bouncing around in our otherwise empty heads. Usually we try to fit as much in our yearly schedules as we can, without going crazy, haha, but it seems there's not enough minutes in a day to do it all, so we have to choose. Maybe one day.

MH: People attend meet & greets and learn some Finnish words just in order to talk to you. Some even go further and learn the language. What do you feel when you see you inspire people for such things?
 Oh my god, learn English or Spanish, for crying out loud. I mean half the world speak those, not just some five million introverts up north. Plus you get to go somewhere warm to speak it. Haha. Seriously though, it's awesome, I'm truly honoured by it, and they do it so well. I wish everyone learned to speak Finnish, so we'd all get to go somewhere warm to speak it.

MH: Don’t you want to follow the example of Ville Valo or Jonne Aaron, who apart from successful careers in their bands with initially English lyrics gave a tribute to their native one and sang in Finnish also?
Poets: I would say I have no problem singing in Finnish. In fact you can probably find a video on youtube of us performing a song in Finnish. Other than that I, we, rather concentrate on just doing our own thing, no matter who else does whatever else, kudos to them all.

MH: And if you were your own fan coming to meet & greet of Poets of the Fall, what would you tell yourself?
Poets: You know, I've always stood in awe of the people who go meet their idols and find the most witty and smart things to say. I have no clue what I would say. I mean, this one time I met some of the Harry Potter actors and I was so nervous I nearly flipped them the bird.

MH: You can put the modesty aside and tell that you’re really famous. And if you say you didn’t think of what it would be like back then when you’ve just started, I won’t believe you. What turned out to be truth and what not about being famous comparing to the way you imagined it back then?
Poets: That's a good question and a large topic. I believe it was Jim Carrey who once said something along the lines of “I wish everyone would get rich and famous, so they would see it's not the answer”. I wholly agree. Fame can be a many faced monster, from an energy drainer to a great power tool, and many things in between, depending on what you are after and how you perceive it. A lot of famous people find it a burden, while others seem to revel in it. For me it's just a facet of the job I'm doing, and my relationship with it has changed shape many times over the years. I probably thought more about being famous towards the beginning of our career than I do nowadays, when I'm more into how I want to spend my time on this earth.

MH: If you hear 'Rumours' in your 'Temple of Thought' saying that you’re a 'King of Fools' 'Dreaming Wide Awake' at this 'Carnival of Rust', will you 'Sleep', sugar? :)
Poets: Oh, moonlight kissed, like the child in me. [The question and answer are made up of the songs' titles - author's remark for non-fans]

MH: Do you like learning new things? What would you like your Belarusian fans to teach you?
Poets: Yes, learning new things is what keeps you going. Juggling would be fun. I tried a couple of times, but never had the perseverance to actually practice and learn that. Or handstands. I'm pretty rusty on those just now.

MH: Imagine that all the paint is out and you have to draw a poster to your show yourself.
Poets: Here you go:


MH: Question for the rest of the band – aren’t you kind of jealous that Marko is (practically) always interviewed?
Well, he needs to have something to keep him busy while the rest of us do all the real work behind the scenes. Haha!


Meanwhile the show takes place really soon - November 2; more info here


Interviewed: Gella Inspired

Photos are taken from the official Facebook page of the band



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