TrollWald: 'Who translates the name... will get a T-shirt and Gena!'

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As it turned out one should always keep one’ eyes open. While our team collectively took its time thinking over the questions for the interview with the main intrigue of the Kalyadny Fest 2015 – TrollWald band, some of our few colleagues from the friendly portals passed ahead of and met this band a bit earlier having asked practically all the questions prepared. But there was no way to retreat (and no time) so the MH’s interviewer did his best not to repeat what had been already said and to retain the mood of the interview, which was more likely one of a hob-nob.

МH: We aren’t the first to ask, but let’s remind people once again your cast: who has left from old participants of LitvinTroll and who are the new ones?
Andrey Apanovich Апанович (А.А.): Remained – Andrey Apanovich (Андрей Апанович), Alexey Szaburonok (Алексей Жабуронок) (А.S.), Andrey Gorchakov (Андрей Горчаков) (А.G.), Gennadiy Parahnevich (Геннадий Парахневич) (G.P.). And the new ones are cool guys…
А.S.: … that came to the rehearsal today
А.А.: Yes! They played today for the very first time.
А.S.: Guys, remind us your names.
А.А.: Ales Chumakov (Алесь Чумаков) (А.C.), Alexey Pankratovich (Алексей Панкратович) (А.P.) and Pavel Alenchik (Павел Аленчик) (P.А.). Alexey played in the band called Lost Regrets together with Pavel, but even earlier – before Alexey Szaburonok in Litvin Troll. Pavel Alenchik and Alexey Pankratovich played with me in the band called Managa (Манага) and we played stoner.
G.P.: Tell us better what Managa stands for.
А.А.: Маnaga? Маnaga – it’s milk…
Everyone: Мilk, yes *wistfully*
А.А.: …cooked from different herbs…
МH: Which ones?
Everyone: Magic herbs… camomile… savory…
А.А.: And our Managa emerged the same way – all these herbs grew first, then we cooked them and after it we formed our band that later turned into TrollWald.
МH: What about finding an accordion player, backup dancing, girls-cheerleaders with PP dusters for example?
А.А.: That sounds like folk dancing and singing group Charoshki (Харошки) or Tutejshaya Shlyahta (Тутэйшая шляхта). We don’t do such stupid things.
МH: So ‘no’ is ‘no’?
А.А.: Well what concerns backup dancing – it would be fine to invite kind of go-go girls for a video clip. The main thing is that there shouldn’t be ‘go-home’. And I’m an accordion player, I have 3 grade of accordion, so it turns out that there is one on the stage.
МH: How is it going with the new album?
А.А.: Frankly speaking it’s bad. Three weeks ago we gave the material for mastering and still can’t get the result. Look at the guys’ faces – why do you think they hit the bottle? They are in despair.
МH: And what about ‘work of art’? Who will be in charge of it now?
А.А.: Now we have new designer and artist of course. But first of all we are our own designers. We decide what we need. In times of LitvinTroll ‘work of art’ was imposed on the whole band as well as the designer himself despite there were lots of those who disagreed. Now we have a very, to my mind, cool artist. I am shocked (in a good way) by his works, they are cat’s meow. And my definition of ‘cat’s meow’ is like an English word ‘fuck’ with dozens of meanings. Our new artist is cool. His name is Mark Maksimovich (Марк Максимович) and he’s a cousin of our keyboards player. He is cool indeed.
МH: Personal question to Alexey Chumakov: Stary Olsa (Стары Ольса), Kelih Kola (Келих Кола) – are rather light when it comes to music. And here you are in a more ‘heavy’ band. Why? Were you made to? Were you tortured? Or was it personal initiative and wish?
А.А.: Yes, Sasha is a metal fan!
А.C.: I’ve been listening to metal since childhood. Frankly speaking LitvinTroll – is the only Belarusian metal band I understand from the first to the last note. Totally. LitvinTroll and today’s outcome TrollWald project I understand for 100 percent. Each solo, each note, everything guys do totally embodies things that turn me on.
А.А.: I’ll add a couple of words. I’d like to mention Dmitriy Sosnovsky (Дмитрий Сосновский) thanks to which we with Alexander met and became mates. That’s cool!
А.C.: We even came to the meeting in the same T-shorts without an agreement!! *laughs*
МH: Yeah! I’d like to draw special attention to your clothes – today three of you came in Pantera merchandize. Does it mean that TrollWald musicians that currently play ‘sludge with pipes’ and earlier played different material in a short period of time (2 or 3 years) will shift to groove?
А.S.: I just don’t have other T-shirts!
G.P.: Should we answer right now? Or in 2-3 years?
А.А.: We don’t know. May be in 2-3 years we’ll end up as alcoholics or drug addicts, or on the contrary will play heavy-metal.
МH: Why is there ‘Troll’ in the new name of the band? Is it a kind of fanatic love to this character or smth. else?
А.А.: That’s because we troll Belarusian metal stage.
А.S.: We troll ourselves!
А.А.: We had trolled all Belarusian metal, or folk metal to be more precise. Nevertheless, we trolled Polish stage as well. Because except band called Percival Schuttenbach there are no cool and original bands there. The point is when we toured with Percival Schuttenbach and visited some folk-metal events we heard so much… shit.
G.P.: Don’t you think someone may say the exact same thing about us?
А.А.: We are hated!
МH: Talking about Poland, here I’d like to mention our neighbours from Estonia called Metsatöll. How did your friendship emerged and do you plan any joint shows (or other things) with them?
А.А.: Yes! I and Anika are secretely in love!
А.S.: You’d better explain who Anika is!
А.А.: We got acquainted with Anika during the Estonian gigs with Stary Olsa; back then she was very young; then the girl grew up and started organizing shows, heard LitvinTroll, enjoyed it and organized a gig with Metsatöll.
МH: Don’t you have an idea to record a song in old Belarusian?
Everyone: Yes, of course!
P.А.: We are in process of inventing old Belarusian.
МH: And what about inventing your own troll language?
А.А.: Definitely! We already have it.
А.P.: One song has the tittle on this language.
А.А.: It’s ‘ShtannkenShtoltz’ (ШтаннкенШтольц). You heard it today.
А.S.: That’s not the song!
А.А.: The song about hangover is called ‘ShtannkenShtoltz’. Who translates its name will get a T-shirt…
А.S.: ...and Gennadiy
А.А.: Yes! And Gena into the bargain! He will cook for a month for free! *Gena helplessly nods in agreement*
МH: Personal question to Apanovich from those who failed to grow a beard – how can one grow the same beard you have?
А.А.: Well, my beard is rather humble, you’d better ask Alexey (Szaburonok). Ljoha, how did you grow such a beard?
А.S.: Didn’t shave!
МH: Continuing ‘bearded’ topic – what do you, those who have beards for a very long time already, think of…
А.А.: …people with no beard??
МH: … the fact that having beard has become trendy?
А.S.: Finally I can shave!
А.А.: Let people wear it!
А.P.: Soon we’ll wear moustaches!
МH: How can one on the New Year eve evoke the spirit of it having such a grey, snowless and disgusting winter?
А.А.: There will be no New Year since there’s no snow, our mastering is delayed and we are generally upset. So there’s no hope and ‘No Presents for Christmas’ like once sang King Diamond.
Interviewed: Nat Nazgul

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