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5 июня в T.N.T. Rock Club прошел финал проекта «Наши на МОСТу», победителем которого стали веселые и задорные музыканты группы «Чип и Дейл». Исполнители позитивного монгольского фанка пришлись по душе обычным посетителям клуба, компетентному жюри и даже панку всея Беларуси — Юрию Стыльскому. 2 июля на аэродроме «Боровая» триумфаторы конкурса откроют культовый музыкальный фестиваль «МОСТ». Read more...
Paraphrasing the words of the classic: if Petlia Pristrastia plays the second time in Minsk - it means someone needs it. The fourth studio album 'Moda i Oblaka' [Мода и облака: Fashion and Clouds] hasn't been ready in February yet, so its presentation has been postponed for a while. That's why yesterday Re:Public was a full house. Read more...
When the legendary Norwegians visited Minsk 6 years ago with a farewell tour, no one thought they were kidding – because they’re really serious guys. But to leave after 30 years of successful career was harder than telling about it right and left. People say that there’s no such thing as ex-hunter. Same here.  Morten Harket after releasing two striking solo albums revived the brainchild of his life. In order to boost… Read more...
On april 13 the musicians will bring the energy of their best hits to Minsk. If you have any doubts for some unknown reason whether to buy tickets on The Prodigy or not, we invite you to listen to some songs and publish an approximate set-list of the show. Read more...
  • Wednesday, 02 March 2016 12:50
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The North Star above the Capital: the show of IAMX

The show of a cool electronic band among endless teethbreaking events of the heavy metal stars is like an oasis in the centre of the desert. The visit of the heartkiller Chris Corner on the first day of winter spring was possible in frames of the project of the concert agency Atom Entertainment 'Clever. Music that is not for everyone'. The musicians attended Belarus and brought their new album 'Metanoia', which turned… Read more...
  • Friday, 29 January 2016 02:01
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Triumphal comeback of Three Days Grace to Minsk

What does Belarus have in common with Canada? May be even more than one can think at first, but love to the good music is definitely in the list. So the famous Canadian rock band Three Days Grace visited Belarus for the second time and according to the guys they ‘f***ing missed’ us. The reciprocity was clearly seen on the queues in front of the Sport Hall that had been formed long… Read more...
If you’ve ever attended shows of Lyapis you must know the main difference of Sergey Michalok (Сергей Михалoк) from the other band's members. After leaving their comrade whose interest in politics grew by leaps and bounds on the shores of friendly Ukrainian reality, the rest of the band’s members named their brainchild ‘Trubetskoy’ and took a course on further spreading into masses. As a test probe guys started with the skillfully produced… Read more...
The ‘Old New Year Day’ the Trubetskoy band decided to touch the emotional strings of their fans and introduced a very specific interactive communication connected with the sport achievements of no lesser importance. The band’s frontman Pavel Bulatnikov (Павел Булатников) looked for a Magister Bibendi (if someone doesn’t know from Latin it’s ‘the master of drinking bout’)with a certain purpose. The point was that Pasha acquired a unique skill from the master… Read more...
  • Friday, 15 January 2016 18:48
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Everything just starts: a trip to Ash & Skies world.

The fact that Belarusian heavy stage is more than alive is proved once again bythe recent EP ‘Chasing D.’ release of the young and promising band Ash & Skies. Skilful combination of drive and melodic sound, vocals in the best post-hardcore traditions and the high-quality production set up a high standard both for the band and the whole native music industry. We decided to get to know Ash & Skies better in… Read more...
  • Tuesday, 12 January 2016 16:00
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Sprig on fire: 7 reasons to attend The Prodigy show

There is hardly any need to persuade Minsk residents to witness the show of the most popular electronic band of the planet. But let’s make a list of reasons to attend the gig of The Prodigy on April 13 except for singing along with the whole Minsk-Arena ‘Smack My Bitch Up’. To see the superheroes of the generation No one but them represent the sound of the epoch already for 20 years – furious and… Read more...


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