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Sprig on fire: 7 reasons to attend The Prodigy show

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There is hardly any need to persuade Minsk residents to witness the show of the most popular electronic band of the planet. But let’s make a list of reasons to attend the gig of The Prodigy on April 13 except for singing along with the whole Minsk-Arena ‘Smack My Bitch Up’.

To see the superheroes of the generation

No one but them represent the sound of the epoch already for 20 years – furious and wild spirit of the 90th. Partying to their music was possible only with the maximum volume and thus one had to listen lectures from parents and neighbours. Just look back, every teenager had a pendant with the ant and the black hoodie with screaming Flint, but nobody even dreamt of Prodigy visiting Minsk at that time.

To hear the new album

They went through several dance music generations, but still gather big festivals. In Minsk The Prodigy present their sixth studio album called ‘The Day Is My Enemy’, which has been met by critics with enthusiasm. The reviews say that the album turned out to be really tough old-school electro. The name of the album is the reference to the song of Cole Porter «All Through The Night», and namely to the verse ‘The day is my enemy, the night my friend’.

To take a masterclass from Keith himself

Howlett’s talent, Reality’s vocals, and of course dances of Keith Flint – all that is the object of envy and imitation of many fans. Nobody has such an ability of improvisation in a rousing manner. Few people remember that in the beginning Keith just danced backup for the band and only later started singing. His first debut as a singer was in single Firestarter.

To close gestalt

In 2009 The Prodigy has already attended Belarus. The ‘Dinamo’ Stadium seated more than 15 thousand people. If you weren’t among these lucky ones, destiny gives you one more chance. ‘An hour or an hour and a half I and an enormous crowd have been rocked by probably the strongest electronic band on the planet. I clearly remember that before they appeared on stage it was a bit chilly, but after 2 tracks it has already been sultry. That was because the stadium just ‘blew up’ after the first samples of the famous tracks heard and everyone partied the way one could: dancing, jumping, yelling, whistling, clapping hands,’ – wrote the spectators. Would you like to repeat that?

Not to care about money

It’s cool when you don’t have to ask your mom for some money to attend the concert of the favourite band, isn’t it? And the tickets’ prices for the show of legendary electronic band are more than adequate: from 800 to 970 thousand BYR. Not too much for the long-standing dream, right?

  To rock the main spring rave

A good reason to ‘walk out’ carrying your head high the craziest things of your wardrobe like canary yellow leggings or a collar with pink cleats. As you know from time to time fashion is retrospective, so nowadays it’s trendy to have blue hair, insane platforms and space make-up gain. Let’s hark back and show what the real rave of the 90th means!

To skip the training

Spring is not the right time to wrap into a rug on the sofa. To spend time with an easy conscience and both with pleasure and use for your physical shape is to party at the gig of The Prodigy. Moreover attending the show will definitely substitute a full-fledged workout in a gym. Nutritionists state that for an hour of activity in the spirit of Keith Flint one can burn up about 350 calories. Go for the body of your dream to the best music!

The presentation of the album ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ of The Prodigy band will take place on April 13 in “Minsk Arena’.

Tickets’ cost: 800 000 – 970 000 BYR.

Infoline: (029) 75-111-75, (029) 106-000-3.

One can buy tickets on the website of the event’s organizer — concert agency ‘Atom Entertainment’ http://atomenter.by/ (with no extra charge), in booking offices of the city and on the websites of the tickets’ operators.

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