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If you’ve ever attended shows of Lyapis you must know the main difference of Sergey Michalok (Сергей Михалoк) from the other band's members. After leaving their comrade whose interest in politics grew by leaps and bounds on the shores of friendly Ukrainian reality, the rest of the band’s members named their brainchild ‘Trubetskoy’ and took a course on further spreading into masses. As a test probe guys started with the skillfully produced ‘Expert of a Drinking Bout’ (Magister Bibendi). The record with the main idea of dear to our people topics – binge and hellish stuff was warmly met by everyone, that’s why Re:public gathered a decent amount of fans from Minsk and other regions of our boundless Motherland.

After the first listening to Magister Bibendi it became clear that Trubetskoy has made the sound significantly heavier.  Times of ‘Zainjka’ (Darling), ‘Rainjka’, ‘Yevpatoriya’ and other teenage anxiety stuff is left far behind. There were full-grown men on stage that have to developed serious biceps on the concert platforms in and outside the country. Despite the new album was hardly any longer than 35 minutes, the live set of the band was meant for practically two hours. There were unusual surprises for the audience like duet with the famous showman Pomidorov (Помидоров) and of course the old hits of Lyapis.

As additional promotion for the concert one can mention two occasions: the open presentation with the set up record for pouring tequila and the cost of the tickets on the main event.  Ten days before Pavel (Павел) in the image of Magister Bibendi poures 100 glasses of tequila for slightly more than 3 minutes in T.N.T. Rock Club, treated everyone who came, shot a video with them and played a small acoustic set. What concern tickets, their cost was 100-200.000 BYR.  When in our country the tickets’ cost on events like ‘Kalyadny Fest’ starts from 250.000 BYR and 1 American dollar costs practically 25 000 BYR one may say with confidence that Trubetskoy played in Minsk almost for free. The most remarkable thing here was that even under such circumstances in the Saturday’s evening there wasn’t a full house. The start of the economically hard year gives food for thought including the organizers of such events.
What concerns the audience one could meet both schoolchildren that heard ‘Magister Bibendi’ only yesterday and today took their friends and came to the show , and the older generation that desperately waited for the encore in order to drop a couple of nostalgic tears  to ‘Yabloni’ (Apple Trees) and ‘Ty Kinula’ (You Cheated). The show started with the appearance of the musicians in famous masks and playing the main album’s theme. As hits from the new album had been played, the audience ‘woke up’ and arranged slam, partied like hell and just danced.  The widest response had been drawn by the chords of Lyapis ‘Nafta’ (Petroleum), which hadn’t been played by the authors live yet. One more pleasant moment was ‘Printsessa’ (Princess) from the same old ‘Vesyolye Kartinki’ (Funny Pictures). Showman, musician and infernal lady-killer Alexander Pomidorov (Александр Помидоров) performed his ‘Kalyadny Tzud’ (Christmas Wonder) and burst into a ‘black’ recitative with an excellent piece of rap. After such thing the tenth wave seems not so scary.  In the end the band played the old Lyapis’ hits and thus created the atmosphere of 2000th.

According to the gig’s outcomes one can make several conclusions: people’s love to ‘ex-Lyapis’ is still strong whatever band sings and plays. And what concerns the musicians, one can say for sure that after such an obscurantism they won’t be allowed in paradise…

Special thanks to the organizers for the accreditations provided!

Text: Alexander Kurlyanchik
Photos: Siarhei 'Petrowitch' Hahulin

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