Тop 5 songs of The Prodigy that make the show in Minsk worth visiting + set-list

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On april 13 the musicians will bring the energy of their best hits to Minsk. If you have any doubts for some unknown reason whether to buy tickets on The Prodigy or not, we invite you to listen to some songs and publish an approximate set-list of the show.
British musical genii gave the world a scocking amount of energetic and stirring tunes. The top 5 was singled out with the help of big American Portal http://www.thetoptens.com/, popular YouTube service and the shelter of all music-lovers — Last.fm.
Many people got acquainted with The Prodigy with this song. Everyone saw this popular, unusual and psychodelic video at least once. People still party hard on stadiums and festivals to this song and Minsk Arena won't be an exclusion.
After the release of this song the band has been called 'incendiaries'. Firestarter is loved by common listeners and fans, while 58 000 000 views on YouTube show that the song hasn't been heard only by the lazy ones.
The most aggressive song of our top 5 that makes crowds go crazy. Hard rhythm and energetic melody of the song evoke the desire to destroy and dance wild. 
2 Omen
One of the most mysterious and successful singles of the Brits. Mystical video with a girl playing xylophone imprinted on people's hearts. The Prodigy always play this gloomy and energetic song on their shows, so will they in Minsk.   
The essence of The Prodigy in one song, that fires up crowds of thousands since 1996. The most successful single, which has become a business card of the band long ago.
Favourite and time-tested songs will be heard in Minsk Arena on April 13, 2016. Here is an approximate set-list of The Prodigy for the show.
1.    Breathe
2.    Nasty
3.    Omen
4.    Wild Frontier
5.    Firestarter
6.    Roadblox
7.    Rok-Weiler
16. Ibiza
The Prodigy rock in Minsk Arena on April 13. Dance floor tickets cost 970 000 BYR, stands — 800 000 – 900 000 BYR. Infoline: (029) 75-111-75, (029) 106-000-3.
One can buy tickets on the website of the organizer of the show — concert agency 'Atom Entertainment' http://atomenter.by/ (no extra charges), on the websites of ticket operators, and in the city's ticket offices. 

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