Triumphal comeback of Three Days Grace to Minsk

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What does Belarus have in common with Canada? May be even more than one can think at first, but love to the good music is definitely in the list. So the famous Canadian rock band Three Days Grace visited Belarus for the second time and according to the guys they ‘f***ing missed’ us. The reciprocity was clearly seen on the queues in front of the Sport Hall that had been formed long before the doors opened.

IMG 1369Moscow band Jack Action, which is no stranger to warming up the audience for the distinguished colleagues felt at home in Minsk. While people were taking their places to the soft but forgettable motives, fan zone and still filling up dance floor supported the musicians as hard as they could. What concerns the band, guys were not that simple and saved the strongest material for the second part of the set, thus rocking the audience to the maximum. And it feels like the time for TDG to show up… But here goes the change of the equipment, how could one forget it.

The attempts to call the favourite band were a separate funny occasion when ‘Three Days Grace’ from the one side turned into “Free Days Grace’ or from the other side one could hear some unknown words… But leaping ahead I can say that to the end of the show with the help of Math the audience chanted the band’s name like native Canadians! While the frontman mastered the Russian ‘spasibo’ (thank you). Cultural exchange, so to say.

The clock shows 21:00. Formalities like keeping people waiting were observed and a bit creepy intro started, where a robotic voice appealed to everyone’s human nature. The haunting affirmation ‘you are not machine’ evoked some kind of doubt about it, but our heroes appeared on stage just in time and blew up the evening with the loud hit ‘I am machine’. After dropping a curtsey to the epoch with Adam with the old school ‘Just like you’ and then with ‘Chalk outline’ a new torrent of energy has been poured down on people that didn’t even have time to catch their breath. Feel a bit sad? You shouldn’t! Old good hits performed by Math gained a new life and his singing manner deserves a special attention. Did all of you see musicians whose hands tightened on the microphone stand while singing with no chance of letting it go? So that was by no means our case! Math was moving from one edge of the stage to the other with the speed equal at least a two-digit number. He seemed to try reaching each person in the hall and practically every song was accompanied with a small dialogue. Despite the reaction of the audience sounded like just one ‘yeah!’ the mutual understanding has been reached and the energy exchange with the musicians could break any measuring device.

The next new material portion from the latest album fell on ‘So what’ where the audience didn’t just sing along but took part in the performance. With the signal given by Math the thunderous ‘so what’ shook the walls. Though the guys would have easily managed the task themselves, since only Barry didn’t sing as the back vocalist that evening! So when it goes to the vocals, here guys could compete even with Gregorian if they would like to.

Here the hall sinks into the blue light and the newly minted ‘astronauts’ found themselves in the ‘open space’. ‘Human race’ was the soundtrack to the flight accompanied with the farewell wave of hundreds of hands. But the time to come back home came soon. Track ‘Home’ full of drive demonstrated once again everything TDG is loved for.

During the interlude Neil Sanderson had to work for everyone and he decided to gladden people with the excellent drum solo. Accompanied on keyboards drums created a wonderful melody, and when Neil’s ‘assistant’ decided to join his friends, Sanderson was left alone there was an impression that he just started demonstrating everything he could. But rather impressive as well.

The second part of the set was the most explosive: ‘Painkiller’, ‘Fallen angel’, ‘Never too late’ and of course ‘I hate everything about you’ made people’s blood boil. By the way, who told that stands are intended for sitting? Anyway not today. The audience on the stands partied just like the ones on the fan zone did.

And such a long awaited event flew by like a hurricane and ended really fast. The crowd of the stunned with emotions people fled to the exit. And you still in the other reality pay no attention to the puddles walk down to the underground. Everything is over and it’s time to let go, but suddenly someone behind you whispers into your ear: ‘Three Days Grace…

Special thanks to the organizers 4A Event for accreditations provided!

Text: Gella Inspired
Photos: Inga MaxСохранить

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