The fast and the furious, Matrix and Kick-ass: Prodigy's songs that became soundtracks to the movies of famous directors.

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There's less than one month left to the show of the legendary electronic musicians The Prodigy in Minsk. The band's fans have purchased tickets long ago and are getting ready for partying to the famous tracks on the dance floor in Minsk Arena on April 13. But for those who still have doubts and don't know how to have fun this spring, we will tell why such famous directors like Luc Besson, brothers Coen and Ian Softley wouldn't have missed this gig. If someone doesn't know The Prodigy are considered record-holders in making soundtracks for the cult blockbusters and game franchises. Here is a review of the best ones. Haven't we forgot anything?
1) Voodoo People — is most likely one of the famous tracks of The Prodigy, which has been heard practically by everyone. The track has been released in 1994 as a single to the second album of the band Music For The Jilted Generation. There are three official remixes of the track and all of them could be heard in such famous films as 'Wasabi' of Luc Besson, 'Dobermann' featured by Vincent Cassel and 'Hackers' with Angelina Jolie.
2) Mindfields – is the track, the absence of which makes it hard to imagine the blockbusters series 'Matrix' of brothers Coen. Those who saw the film even once couldn't get rid of the intrusive title theme playing in their heads. The directors themselves told that the band's music has smth. 'magical' and that the Britons are 'real shamans'.
3) Оmen. This track can be heard in several well-known movies: the scandal one called 'Kick-ass' (with the track 'Breathe'), in the fifth series of 'Step up' and the sixth 'The fast and the furious'. Despite the fact that the films' genres are completely different, 'Omen' perfectly suits each one and makes them more vivid.
4) Ghost Town –is the track that could be heard in 2000 in 'Snatch' - the real criminal masterpiece by Guy Ritchi. Except for marvellous soundtracks released in the album, which contained 23 songs after the film was out, it's interesting to admit that after filming among new fans of The Prodigy were such film stars that took part in it as Brad Pitt and Jason Stathem.
5) Need for speed and adrenaline with The Prodigy. The electronic band is involved into the process of creation of several popular videogames. So practically every lover of virtual reality has most likely managed to get to know the famous Britons' big beats. Soundtracks of The Prodigy help gamers from different countries to feel themselves real professional street racers in famous simulator Need for speed. There are more than 15 parts of the game and the mood of at least 8 of them is created The Prodigy. By the way the Brits were noticed in Mortal kombat, Crysis 2, Hitman and Colin McRae.
Hits of The Prodigy can be heard in notorious youth series 'Misfits' and films like 'Smokin' Aces', 'Blade', 'Sucker Punch' and drama 'Closer'. One can chill out to the best hits of the Brits and feel nostagic for familiar tracks from favourite films on April 13 in Minsk Arena. The Prodigy will knock the Belarusian fans' heads off and will rock in Minsk Arena on April 13. All the tickets on the dance floor cost 970 000 BYR, seats — 800 000 – 900 000 BYR. Tickets are availiable since today. Infoline: (029) 75-111-75, (029) 106-000-3. 

One can buy tickets in the city's ticket offices, on the organizer's website — concert agency 'Atom Entertainment' and on the websites of the ticket operators.

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