The main metal-insta photos of the week #1

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The selection of the best photos from Instagram of domestic and foreign metal stars. Dream Theater started tour supporting The Astonishing, Robb Flynn mocks at his technician, Cradle of Filth and Xandria return to Belarus, and Kirk Hammett tries on the image of a vampire.
Icelandic band Solstafir, which had problems with Belarusian visas last year, announced that they are taking part in a large Eastern-European festival Carpathian Allinace. This year the event takes place in the capital of Ukraine. A strong line-up in the person of Greeks Rotting Christ, and Ensiferum, Primordial and Blind Guardian, that have recently visited our country, should attract attention of all metalheads that want to visit a good festival for low costs. Like the last year the festival will last for 3 days from 29 till 31 July.

The American kings of progressive metal Dream Theater opened the European part of their tour with the gig in Amsterdam. This time devoted fans can hear practically the whole recently released 'The Astonishing' . The other albums of 'Petrucci & Co' are recently ignored, while musicians concentrate on the concept of their fundamental opus. While the other members of the band get ready to the show, the band's frontman James LaBrie takes pictures with fans, which is rather strange (it's a well-known fact that James doesn't like to spend too much time with fans).

The guys from Machine Head know what the word 'fun' means. Robb Flynn congratulated his guitar technician in a very unusual way - ordered a cake with man's genitals. The picture shows how the tasting was done. Somewhere in the 6th Bobruysk district one could have all the sh*t beaten out, but in the civilized Germany no one cares - democracy and all that stuff. Robb Flynn's Instagram.

The vocalist of Xandria Dianne van Giersbergen demonstrates her cute smile on the camera because she already knows about the mini-tour in May with Cradle of Filth, including Belarus. Vladimir Deynega [Владимир Дейнега] and TalentTours are out of hibernation and ready to bring new rocking bands in our country. Except for the bands mentioned, were announced Nile+Belphegor+Melechesh, Korpiklaani and the band from Switherland Eluveitie.

Alexander Gajdukevich [Александр Гайдукевич] and Posthumous Blasphemer gladdened their fans with new merchandize and announced it on their official Instagram account. New T-shirts look more touching and soon will blow up the minds of all laymen when they see a metalhead wearing it.

The guitar player of the famous band Metallica Kirk Hammett apparently decided to take a role in the remake of 'Interview With The Vampire' or smth. like this. Anyway his new image suits it. What concerns Metallica, the band has recently played a charity concert in San Fransisco, which was also availiable online for free. Now the band's members say that all their thoughts are into making and recording new material. According to the close sources, the material will breathe fire and shine the colours of 80th. That's hard to believe... But those who listen to 'Fade to Black' over and over again shouldn't care at all. Kirk's Instagram.

And finally a piece of cheesecake. The vocalist of the band Amaranthe Elize Ryd, that visited Belarus in May last year, explained what talents helped her to have a place in the band and unveiled the mystery of the bands with a female vocalist being popular. The key is - marvellous vocal abilities and the picture posted by Elize proves it once again. Elize Ryd's Instagram.

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