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Musical festival 'MOST' [МОСТ: the Bridge] has always been a launchpad both for young Belarusian bands and foreign musicians. The organizers follow the tradition and on July 2nd such bands as Brunettes Shoot Blondes and Record Orkestr [Рекорд Оркестр] will play in Belarus for the first time on the aerodrome 'Borovaya' [Боровая].
This year the headliners on MOST will be DDT [ДДТ] and Skillet, the bands that need no introduction. There will be on stage of the bright musical festival such bands as Nochniye Snaipery [Ночные Снайперы: the Night Snipers], Daj Darogu! [Дай Дарогу!: Give the Way!], 7000$, Super Besse: bands Belarussian audience is already familiar with. The new ones at the musical festival will be Brunettes Shoot Blondes and Record Orkestr [Рекорд Оркестр] one has to get acquainted with better.
Brunettes Shoot Blondes
Ukrainian Indie band with the most romantic name of the whole ine-up of the festival MOST-2016 woke up famous only in 2014. With the help of modern technologies, Apple devices and Internet the talented musicians showed themselves to the world shooting a virus video. The debut video «Кnock Knock»    with the band's frontman Andrej Kovaljov [Андрей Ковалев] as the director got 9 millions views.
The biggest world mass media from Billboard and Rolling Stone to Daily Mail and USA Today wrote about the band. In 2015 musicians released their debut mini-album Bittersweet and shot a video for the title song. The most outstanding representatives of indie rock The Neighbourhood were tickled pink about the video in the recent 'Video Salon' [Видеосалон] of Maxim magazine.
Nowadays the young Ukrainian musicians are invited to take part in the most popular musical shows and big festivals, while tabloids predict the famous Ukrainans the fame of 'Keane' and 'The Kooks'.

«Record Orkestr» [Рекорд Оркестр]
This band or to be more precise one of its songs is known by 99% of Belarusian population. It makes it twice strange that the first show of the band in Belarus takes place only in 2016 on the MOST festival. The song 'Lada Sedan' [Лада седан] has drawn not only the attention of Timati [Тимати] but the one of millions internet users who constantly created mems, while the most active even recorded covers.

The debut album 'Gastarbeiter-Bugi' [Гастарбайтер-буги: Guest worker-Bugi] became a winner in the show-project Narodny Podusser [Народный продюсер: Folk Producer] on the radio 'Majak' [Маяк: the Lighthouse]. Autumn 2015 Record Orkestr took part in the TV project 'Glavnaya Stsena' [Главная сцена: the Main Scene] on the channel 'Rossija' [Россия: Russia], which was the national version of the famous show The X Factor. Having left the brightest impressions on preliminary stages and gaining a tremendous amount of new fans Record Orkestr became finalists in the Kremlin and then took part in the most expensive musical TV-show of the country.
Cheerful band Record Orkestr plays a stirring mixture of rock, blues, latino and folk, that captivtes one's mind from the first seconds and doesn't let it go.

The musical festival MOST will be a real bright occasion of this summer. Hurry up, the tickets' cost is 400 000 BYR only until the end of May. Since the June 1 it will increase. We remind you of the fact that the live music festival MOST takes place on July 2 on the aerodrome 'Borovaya' from 15.00 till 23.00 and has a one-day format. The headliners will be Skillet and DDT [ДДТ]. There will be such bands as Nochniye Snaipery [Ночные Снайперы: the Night Snipers], Daj Darogu! [Дай Дарогу!: Give the Way!], 7000$ and Super Besse. The tickets' cost grows on July 1st, all the tickets in May are availiable for 400 000 BYR. Infoline: (029) 106 000 2, (029) 75 111 75.

One can buy tickets in the city's ticket offices, on the organizer's website — concert agency 'Atom Entertainment' (without extra charges) and on the websites of the ticket operators.

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