Marilyn Manson: “The Long Hard Road Out of Hell”

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Genre: Autobiography
Author: Marilyn Manson
Original language: English
First publication: 1998
The sensation of the past millennium (or of its minor part if be more precise) and Mr. Antichrist – Marilyn Manson – is an exaggerated eternal villain, whose identity has always been veiled with legends and conjectures.
And the veil has been finally removed: a reader sees the world of small Brian standing where evil started.
Outwardly problem-free family has become a detachment zone for the sensitive kid that faced “family skeletons” earlier he was actually able to realize what he had witnessed. Just mention the pervert grandfather with his deviant porn collection and passion to wearing women’s underwear.
Manson openly tells about his problems in social and sexual spheres, describes in details the moments that the most of people would rather erase from one’s memory with shame. Following the rock’n’roll tradition: sex goes with drugs. Hard to say what the book contains more, but according to the strange logic of the narrator, he wasn’t a drug addict since one is if one pays for drugs. And if he hadn’t – he was fine…
The most attractive thing about autobiographies is that they enable us to look beyond the poster with the polished image of the Universal Horror and let us see an ordinary human that has been rushing about with no idea what he’d like to do with his life. Having started as a journalist Manson accidentally goes on stage and soon a hobby turns into vocation. It’s fascinating to trace the dynamics of Brian’s personality development that gradually grew together with his image. Uneasy relations within the band, loud scandals, and loud confessions: this book contains no taboo. And, of course, the illustrations of different years by Manson bring more colour into this insanity chronicle. I think one shouldn’t have any doubts whether to read this book or not…

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