Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind «Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground»

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First published: 1998
Author: Michael Moynihan, Didrik Soderlind
Genre: Monography
Original language: English
Sometimes one faces an attempt of certain individuals to be imposed their point of view on. Calmly (or passionately) persuading that it’s an axiom. “Black is black, white is white and no colour shades” – one insists. And if one says to this character that there’s no such thing as absolute, he’d probably go mad. Denying that he’s just a human and except for his truth there are the ones of others that are meant to be.
There’s an impression that Michael Moynihan and Didrik Søderlind belong exactly to those guys that shake their fingers at naughty kids. Despite the kids have grown up long ago, are still shaken fingers at. And the authors spent their time, efforts; gathered materials; talked to representatives and non-representatives of Norwegian “Black Circle”, disciples of Norwegian black metal from the other European countries, scientists, journalists, just contemporaries of the churches’ arsons, murders, and did other stuff. They made a research (or tried to make one) of the phenomenon of the black genre in extreme music with its roots, diffusion of satanism (by the way, the given classification of satanism is far better than the one of the poor guy that met Belphegor at the airport in St. Petersburg) and nationalism.
They touched other geographical locations from USA to Russia, where Korroziya Metalla, according to them, is the angriest satanic music (that’s how PR works). On the one hand there are many interesting and useful things, on the other hand it all is presented with sarcasm and in a didactic tone. Like “paddywack, that’s all wrong and bad”. I guess, it’s an incredible talent when one manages to write a book on the matter and stays impartial. According to Moynihan and Didrik all representatives of black metal scene and culture are the crowd of killers, vandals and bad guys. Here the words of Ihsahn (from this book) come to my mind: If someone is a Nazi and plays Black Metal, that doesn’t mean that everyone into Black Metal is also a Nazi.
But these guys practically forget about music and hint that black metal is closer to the senseless noise rather than to the music. The cult personalities of the certain part of metal culture are just loosers-teenagers for the authors of “Lords of Chaos”. Here’s the question: what did Michael and Didrik pomise to these “teenagers” and what did they expect for when agreed for the interview for this book? Because after the book has been published and before its filming (will it take place, actually?) very few gave positive feedback to it claiming it to be mendacious. So some doubts about these dialogues given word-to-word occur. “And was the boy for real?”. Or he was, but now he’s out of place?

Text: Nat Nazgul

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