Once Upon a Nightwish: The Official Biography 1996 - 2006

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Author: Mape Ollila
Language: Finnish (May 11, 2006), English (April 11, 2007)
Genre: Autobiography
Publishing house: Like Kustannus Ou (Finland), Deggael Communications, Bazillion Points Publishing (USA)
The most devoted Nightwish fans hardly recovered from the band’s voice's layoff – Tarja Turunen, done in an ugly way, as the next cause of mass butt hurt has been produced. Well, once Nightwish were able to make surprises…
One could just guess why maestro Holopainen needed to publish memoirs if, according to him, the decline of his “offspring” wasn’t planned in the nearest future, and why he needed to pour some more dirt on Tarja once again. Well, if not for gaining the loyalty of the enraged fans, of course. By the way, the tactics “good cop – bad cop” worked out well here. Thomas was portrayed not just as a “good cop”, but a real angel on Earth, whose pure essence, according to multiple eyewitnesses, was obvious since early childhood.
Numerous interviews with lots of different people from the musicians’ family members to the labels’ representatives combined with the archive photos, make this book at least interesting. Ten years of the band’s creative way: from the moment when nowadays legendary concept found them itself, thus having determined the common path of not quite united bunch of young people who had a weak understanding of their musical direction, to the groundbreaking show in Hartwall Areena (Helsinki) when the band has already deserved a separate chapter in the history of music.
Creativity and business, tour life with all its aspects, constant discord within the band, world adoration that brings a heavy pressure on the band, and in the center of this whirl is the suffering poet and maestro… If one throws off all value judgments, one has to admit that the material is worth attention. The perspective of all bands’ members is present, though not equally, while the chronology of 10 years’ evolution of the band is beyond all dissensions. 

Text: Gella Inspired

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