Varg Vikernes “Vargsmål” [“Speeches of Varg”]

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“Don’t vote for me, please!” - Fenriz asked not that long ago and the result was quite the opposite; “… I’d like people to read more useful books of mine instead of this one” – said Varg in the foreword to the “Speeches” and, I guess, caused similar reaction.
First, one has to admit that the book that “was meant for the Norwegians only” a few years ago has been translated into Russian with the permission of the author himself. He even didn’t lose his crown and added a couple of pages with his thoughts regarding Russia.
I remember how I first tried to read “Vargsmål” as a student. Knowing about “pure lines” problem in interfamilial relations (nowadays it’s even popular to mix different dogs’ breeds – why not to compare to human races?) that lead to further genes degeneration, I (student of genetics faculty) stood firm reading the arguments of Grishnackh about the harm of crossbreeding. I gritted my teeth knowing about dominant and recessive genes but went on reading his naïve explanation of inheriting traits of blue and brown eyes. But as the result, I thought that it was a shame to hear such things about poor Samis and gave up reading it for many years. Memory didn’t save any details of “Speeches” contents, so the second attempt started from the first page and this time to the last.
The further mentioned points didn’t evoke this fury of the young years, just an indulgent smile like: “Mister, what the hell are you talking about?”:
- One shouldn’t brush one’s teeth to let them fight themselves against corruption? – Excuse me, did I miss smth. in the hygiene of the mouth cavity?
- After being raped a woman doesn’t just become “filthy” herself, but also makes “filthy” her family, men the first line? – so except for having become a victim of violence one should feel guilty for the men of one’s family?! Because she’s a part of her man and should belong him for the whole life?!
- Jews are guilty of everything? I remember this version that “Foes are everywhere and they are Jews” by Grigory Klimov, which was more than ridiculous, - the author at least wasn’t that radical in his «Knyaz mira sego» ["Duke of this World"], but removed any restrictions of common sense in «Imya mojo Legion» ["My Name is Legion"], where even Esenin turned into a Jew. Typical human’s thing – set the blame on someone else. Despite I have a couple of questions to a representative of many religions, but my point of view is: if you don’t get anything from a character but shit, that’s because the character is shit, but not because he’s a Jew, communist or American. Calm down, sir!
If one doesn’t concentrate on the main character of this novel (that has been included in the Federal list of extremists’ materials in Russia), using a mental filter one still can find some interesting facts and ideas. And even a couple of simple and good quotes: “There are no good and evil, we’re just people”; “it’s honour that makes a person valuable, but not his ability to suppress so to say “evil” sides of his personality”; “What’s good for one – is bad for the other”. Varg thinks he’s above the others and is not ashamed to speak it out. That wins hearts.
Considering himself to be pagan, he denies his membership among satanists and black metalists. “In order to become one of them I need to… listen to black metal since 1988-89th (I’m sure they were 11 years old that time and listened to MAX-MIX 9), and have at least 50 rivets on my leather coat. I should also have all CDs of Venom in order to be accepted. If you don’t have them – you’re not “true”. Interesting that the thought of being “true” uttered in 94th is still relevant.
Not of the least relevance is the idea of remembering one’s roots and getting back to them, one’s ancestors’’ belief. The one that inspires people on fresh and bold deeds, denying resigned waiting of the superior forces’ decision. “Many people find it easier to believe in god instead of believing in themselves”.
Back then the young Vikerness dreamt of an eternal battle. “The day without a fight is a day without life”. And regretted he was born the wrong time without swords, horses, Drakkars, whatever. It wins hearts again. One ends up thinking from time to time about the same thing: let all the attributes of modern technological progress go to hell – we’d rather get to the time when the horse was fast and a bow was well-aimed.
But the main point that wins hearts is that despite all my contradictive attitude towards Varg’s views, he doesn’t betray his statement done when he was young: “No matter how much money and welfare, freedom and power I can get, I will never change my sense of life for the other one”.
P.S. Recommendations while reading – use your critical thinking.

Text: Nat Nazgul

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