Deralian - Confidence Born

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Band: Deralian
Album: Confidence Born
Country: Belarus
Year: 2017
Genre: Thrash/Groove Metal

Frankly speaking the debut album of the band from Mogilev called Deralian slightly disappointed me. Having seen such a fusion of genres like thrash / groove tagged, I expected something more melodic and less energetic. And don’t throw an avalanche of decayed tomatoes at me, which you most likely already prepared to do. Confidence Born is a great record; I just awaited a masterpiece of an international scale from fellow countrymen! It’s not a classic thrash (and thank God), there isn’t a whiff of it, because the classic thrash in its best form ended up in the courtyards of the 80's.

After listening to the album, I’d like to see the full lineup of musicians live. Judging to the studio recording such pros will easily play a show live. There’s no sense talking about how cool everything is recorded and produced. It’s obvious since the mixing and mastering of the material was handled by no one but Alexei Stetsyuk from DRYGVA Studio, and these guys really know how to work with music - tested by many coolest releases! The sound is well refined and somehow resembles the late Testament.

The main feature of the first Deralian’s album (and, probably, its main disadvantage) was the oversaturation of space with mid-tempo hooks, which is confusing. Still, of course, there’s plenty of drive and excellent riffs. The voice of the band and namely Andrey Ipatovich is surprising in a good way too. The brutal guy with long hair gives us his charismatic growl. Bravo man, keep it up! "Care to Win", "Inner God" and "No Gifts" – are timeless hits, but in general there are less catching tracks on the album than one would like.

So, summing it up one can say that those who craved for some musical miracles from this work will fail and, maybe, will even be disappointed. But those who were just waiting for a good album from the local prospective team will be overwhelmed with excitement and will listen to it into holes. I bet they will!

Rate: 7/10.

Reviewed: T-MAC McGrady

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